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  1. Starfighter

    Cricket related stuff that doesn't really deserve a thread

    Yes, they did this right throughout the match. You'd think someone might have noticed.
  2. Starfighter

    Viv Richards vs Larry Gomes

    Who was the better off spinner? I was initially going to give it to Richards on the basis of that he has a couple of five-fors and I've actually seen him turn the ball, but I must admit that Gomes has the advantage in averages in both formats.
  3. Starfighter

    Cricket related stuff that doesn't really deserve a thread

    More good banners: Simpson: ​Just wondering whether the Peter Toohey Stand being upside down indicates his supporters feelings... May: Yes, his supporters probably had a sinking feeling yesterday In other news someone has uploaded highlights of five of the six tests of the 78/79 Ashes.
  4. Starfighter

    Cricket related stuff that doesn't really deserve a thread

    Chart of Ashes over rates to the end of the 86/87 series anyone? (data from Charles Davis)
  5. Starfighter

    Causality in batting easiness

    It's a pretty observable fact some eras, especially the 20s, 40s and 00s saw higher batting averages than others. The general factors you'll hear about this are that there were no great bowlers (especially fast bowlers) or that pitches were flatter. I'd like to see some discussion over the...
  6. Starfighter

    What is the best continent?

    Fan of this one. Small and easy to get around, not too cold, not very crowded. Does perhaps lack in variety of scene though.
  7. Starfighter

    *Official* Big Bash League 2019/20

    Everyone get excited.
  8. Starfighter

    Worst winning performance you have seen

  9. Starfighter

    *Official* New Zealand in Australia 2019/20

    Everyone's talking about it so I may as well make the thread. Dec 12, Thu - Dec 16, Mon Australia vs New Zealand, 1st Test Perth Stadium, Perth, 0500 GMT 1300 AWST 1600 AEDT 1800 NZDT Dec 26, Thu - Dec 30, Mon Australia vs New Zealand, 2nd Test Melbourne Cricket Ground, Melbourne, 0000 GMT...
  10. Starfighter

    *Official* Pakistan in Australia 2019

    Fixtures: Oct 31, Thu Cricket Australia XI vs Pakistan, T20 Practice MatchBankstown Oval, Sydney 2:30 PM03:30 AM GMT / 02:30 PM LOCAL Nov 03, Sun Australia vs Pakistan, 1st T20ISydney Cricket Ground, Sydney 2:30 PM03:30 AM GMT / 02:30 PM LOCAL Nov 05, Tue Australia vs Pakistan, 2nd...
  11. Starfighter

    Pavel Florin

    https://twitter.com/FoxCricket/status/1156128415298101248 'Nuff Said
  12. Starfighter

    Elegant bowlers

    Here you go...
  13. Starfighter

    How many days of play will be affected by rain?

    Please do bear in mind it's no longer June.
  14. Starfighter

    Top Five Cricketers from each country

    Here's where I rush to everyone's rescue with some crudely made graphics. From the ICC ratings, however they work.
  15. Starfighter

    New Feature: Cricketing Myths by Patrick Ferriday

    I would also note that Procter's back leg is actually further back than Lillee's. Let's have another look at fast bowlers either side of the great war, pay attention to where the slips are standing Kotze: Lockwood: Gregory: McDonald: Not so different are they?
  16. Starfighter

    New Feature: Cricketing Myths by Patrick Ferriday

    Just gotta address a couple of these: It's actually the opposite of what the Patrick describes, in a 'wrong footed' action the opening of the hips and the swing of the arm occurs very early with respect to the delivery stride. Now side-on footage of Procter is hard to find, so I've got a...
  17. Starfighter

    ***Official*** County Cricket 2019

    2018 was so last year.