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Search results

  1. Craig

    Who has the best chin?

    I'm thinking James Packer: I wish I was as rich as that **** though. Lou Vincent has an impressive chin as well:
  2. Craig

    Happy birthday James

    A big HB to the man behind this site, and if he didn't, I would actually be doing something with my life :p
  3. Craig

    *Official* Fifth Test at the SCG

    For Australia, drop Steve Smith, and bring in somebody like Usman Khawaja, as much as Smith is a player for the future, he's not good enough yet to bat at 6, and nor is his bowling. A spinner has to play, and seeing as though they have picked him, I guess Michael Beer will be the one, and with...
  4. Craig

    Things that annoy you about the Ashes

    For me that everybody tries to be an expert when the have no idea what they are talking about. It's as bad as the World Cup, when people who don't give two ****s about cricket 99% of the time. Such examples include the OMG DR0P PONTING bunch. Move along people and go die.
  5. Craig

    Where in the world is Zulqarnain Haider?

    Pakistan news: Zulqarnain Haider reportedly goes missing | Cricket News | Global | Cricinfo.com :blink:
  6. Craig

    Things that have no purpose

    Your face.
  7. Craig

    Test match attendances in India

    I've been watching the India - Australia Test series, and I noticed in Mohali, barely anybody was there, but in Bangalore, the crowds have been a vast improvement from what they were in Mohali. Is Test cricket not that popular there, or is it just a combination of that and being really over...
  8. Craig

    How long will Misbah last?

    With news that Misbah ul-Haq is the new Pakistani Test captain, their 4th this year, let's see if you can predict how long he will last as captain. If you win, you'll get a mango, one day.
  9. Craig

    Greatest upsets/shock results in WC history

    I guess New Zealand and their 1-1 draw with Italy would be up there. Also North Korea knocking Italy out of the 1966 WC should deserve a mention.
  10. Craig

    So how do you plan to watch the World Cup?

    For those who live in the Southern Hemisphere this is going to pretty tricky, with matches that kick off around midnight (AEDT) and then at 4.30am, so it's going to be tough for me to watch the matches during the week as I will be asleep or just waking up to go to work. The weekends are fine...
  11. Craig

    Happy birthday Goughy

    All the best mate, continuing the notion that all the best posters are born in June (:ph34r:). :)
  12. Craig


    I have lived in Australia for the best part of 12 and a half years, and yet to this day I have NFI what the term "Un-Australian" is supposed to mean? Any clues?
  13. Craig

    Why is Pakistani cricket such a mess?

    There is in fights, sackings of coaches, captains, and players, and nobody is quite ready to tour Pakistan anytime soon, it's like a soap opera. Now before somebody comes in throws in the cliched 'they're corrupt, selfish with their own self interests at stake' posts, I know that, but surely...
  14. Craig

    Volcano Katla

    Ripped off from another forum I visit and where we are speculating when it erupt, because the world needs a good old fashioned disaster that will bring world economies to its knees. So, any predictions?
  15. Craig

    '99.9pc certainty' of Noah's Ark

    '99.9pc certainty' of Noah's Ark discovery on Mount Ararat | News.com.au So I suppose Creationists will try and use it push their beliefs > science?
  16. Craig

    Battle of the Members VI

    Or at least I think it is, and it must be around this time of the year we run the annual event.
  17. Craig

    Michael Vaughan - overachiever?

    Just having a look at his profile (Michael Vaughan | England Cricket | Cricket Players and Officials | Cricinfo.com), and then his series by series record (Batting records | Test matches | Cricinfo Statsguru | Cricinfo.com), where he had a couple of years where he was without one of the best...
  18. Craig


    They have the most money, people, Cricinfo dedicates a lot of time to the IPL, and as a business so they should, and our Indian friends on here would make a fair sizeable portion of the nationality of members on here. Pawar is set to take over the ICC, so why not just cut out the middlemen and...
  19. Craig

    Chris Martin > Sachin Tendulkar (IMO)

    SRT is just on another planet compared to the rest (including RTP), but I prefer Chris Martin then SRT, obviously Martin is not fit to knock in SRT's bat, and there can be no denying SRT's status as one of the greatest batsmen ever, but when Martin actually gets bat on ball and God forbid, get...
  20. Craig

    Hamish Marshall goes Irish

    Hamish Marshall sets sights on Ireland | Ireland Cricket News | Cricinfo.com You guys can have him. Maybe he might be of some use for Ireland.