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Search results

  1. pasag

    Two questions

    1. Do all selectors watch every domestic game in this country? 2. Do Australian coaches and team management watch all (or most) international cricket matches?
  2. pasag

    Australia's 2022 World Cup Bid

    Announcement of the successful bids on Friday. What are the odds of us 'winning'?
  3. pasag

    Congrats RT Ponting

    150th Test, this Friday. Champion Australian sportsman, all-time great cricketer. Hope he has a few more in him yet.
  4. pasag

    Mike Hussey - A second wind?

    Looking for predictions here, will he: a) Continue the way he did in this innings, going from strength to strength playing a more free flowing game for a couple of years? OR b) Revert back to recent poor form, this innings being an anomaly? OR c) Retire on a high?
  5. pasag

    Test Match Sofa *Ashes Edition*

    Really enjoyed their Ashes preview, although disappointed they didn't read out my proclamation of love for Shane Watson from the email address "martyncorrin84@gmail.com" today :@
  6. pasag

    Attn Uppercut

    Sort out your economy ASAP.
  7. pasag

    First Chilean miner rescued after 69 days

    On ABC 24 aws.
  8. pasag

    Better batsmen than Marcus North

  9. pasag


    People that you wish would leave your cricket team and never come back. 1. Marcus "0" North.
  10. pasag

    Rolling Stone's Top 100 Beatles Songs

    1. A Day in the Life 2. I Want to Hold Your Hand 3. Strawberry Fields Forever 4. Yesterday 5. In My Life 6. Something 7. Hey Jude 8. Let It Be 9. Come Together 10. While My Guitar Gently Weeps 11. A Hard Day's Night 12. Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown) 13. Revolution 14. She...
  11. pasag

    Dislikes? People's knees (Spoilers)

    New It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia season starting in two days. Can't wait. Needs own thread.
  12. pasag

    CA and BCCI, explain yourselves

    Cricket Australia - Cricket Australia approves one-day split-innings format | Australia Cricket News | Cricinfo.com That joke isn't funny anymore... BCCI - No UDRS for Sri Lanka-India Tests | Cricket News | Sri Lanka v India | Cricinfo.com Don't you remember this: 2nd Test: Australia v...
  13. pasag

    CW, need your help!

    Posted this in OT as well, but for those who don't frequent there... As some of you are aware I’ve been working hard on my thesis this year on the issue of online communities. The big day is here and I need a bit of help from CWers to fill out this survey. Monash University Survey | Qualtrics...
  14. pasag

    CW, need your help!

    As some of you are aware I’ve been working hard on my thesis this year on the issue of online communities. The big day is here and I need a bit of help from CWers to fill out this survey. Monash University Survey | Qualtrics Survey Software It should only take about 6-8 minutes of your time...
  15. pasag

    NSFC (Not suitable for cricket)

    Name and shame Test grounds that should be stripped of Test status because of pitches that are hurting the game beyond repair. 1. Colombo 2. Adelaide 3. Antigua Please add.
  16. pasag

    Is India's period of being the most dominant side in history already over?

    This is not a thread regarding anything India have achieved over the past few years. Twenty20 champs, ODI success, gaining a Test ranking of #1, they got to the top fair and square. However, in the very recent past there have been many worrying signs regarding their once much praised bowling...
  17. pasag

    Office 2010

    Surprised to see so little fanfare re: the new office. I did some research on the ipad before it got released and there were over 500 articles mentioning it in The Age, despite that fact it wasn't to be released for another month here. Yet for a program which virtually everyone in the world uses...
  18. pasag

    Best beard in sport

  19. pasag

    Hyperbole regarding the future of cricket.

    Test cricket is dying. ODIs are dead. Twenty20s are on the way out. I CAN SEE EMPTY SEATS!!! No cricketing superstars will ever be seen again. RIP spin bowling. Everything is in disarray, cricket is on its last legs. WILL SOMEBODY PLEASE THINK OF THE FUTURE!
  20. pasag

    Twilight bores man to death

    Man dies at Twilight screening