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Search results

  1. Marcuss

    I need help...

    I don’t know if this belongs in OT or N&P (mods feel free to move if appropriate) but I’ve got a situation I’m struggling with. I’ve got a very close friend who has stood by me and been tremendously selfless at times where I’ve needed his support and I’m aware of the best bits of his character...
  2. Marcuss

    Mafia - main thread

    Uploaded the wrong file... oops...
  3. Marcuss

    Mafia - main thread

    When I played as sledger in CWMaf, I'm pretty sure he was described as an 'anti-hero'.... do it Sledger... do it....
  4. Marcuss

    How many consecutive centuries are you away from Test selection?

    A question borne of a disussion with Cribb about his objection to Joe Burns' coverblocks. I am quite the purveyor of the gulleyblock myself; which apparently is fine as I'm not trying to play Test cricket with them... or aren't I? Ultimately, we all try and score as many runs as we can, each...
  5. Marcuss

    Sheep Draft 7.0 Voting Thread

    (harsh) morgieb Teuton trundler Sunny Gavaskar Graeme Smith* Roy Fredericks Stewie Dempster Bill Ponsford Bruce Mitchell Victor Trumper Prithvi Shaw Peter May (c) Cheteshwar Pujara Matthew Sinclair Clyde Walcott Steven Smith (5) Richie Richardson Keith Miller Clem...
  6. Marcuss

    2nd Test, Lord's, London

    What we all suspected has been confirmed. Jimmeh gone.
  7. Marcuss


    **** Athlai.
  8. Marcuss

    Budget Draft II

    So, register your interest here.... For those who played last time, it'll follow a similar format to the first edition. For those who did not... all will become clear soon enough.
  9. Marcuss

    Mystery Box IV Draft Voting

    Weldone SillyCowCorner1 morgieb Plum Warner Reggie Duff Ian Redpath Chris Rogers Matthew Sinclair Kris Srikkanth Conrad Hunte Sanjay Manjrekar Ted Dexter Mike Gatting Hanif Mohammad Neil Harvey Jonty Rhodes Frank Worrell Brian Lara Kapil Dev Jeff Dujon Greg Blewett Mark...
  10. Marcuss

    KitKat vs KitKat Chunky vs KitKat Dark

    Why decide?
  11. Marcuss

    Oft Forgotten Player Comparison Thread

    Like it or not, player comparisons are basically oxygen to CW and I think its getting perilously close to the stage where the air is getting a bit stale. While there has been some rather interesting discussion in the Sangakkara thread on a conceptual level, it has still somewhat boiled down to...
  12. Marcuss

    CW's Yearbook

    Okay, somewhat lame idea for a thread but IDGAF. Rather than focus on how grey CW is these days I thought it might be an idea to acknowledge the broad range of characters we have on these boards and throw out some categories to discuss. Who is: - most likely to appear on reality TV? (See...
  13. Marcuss

    ATG XI Draft Thread Draft

    Aim : To create a shortlist of the best threads in CC Rules : 6 picks per drafter 24 hours to pick Thread must contain the word 'ATG' (or some variant thereof, my decision is final) or 'Draft' Winner will be decided by Burgey who has agreed to read through each list and provide a 250 word...
  14. Marcuss

    Budget Draft Voting Thread

    Criteria: Maximum Budget of 500 Test caps, 30000 Test runs, 1000 Test wickets. Each team had the option to exchange 3000 runs for 100 wickets or vice versa. Draft Order Round 1 Player Caps Runs Ws 1. BackFootPunch George Headley 22 2190 0 2. Garson007 Barry Richards 4 508 1 3. GIMH Ben...
  15. Marcuss

    Cricket Budget Draft

    A random idea I had: Basically, it's a standard all-time draft but each team has a budget of : 500 Test caps 30000 Test runs 1000 Test wickets. To allow some flexibilityy and variation between teams in any round of the draft, prior to making your pick, you may elect to 'exchange' 100 wickets...
  16. Marcuss

    England performance squad tour.

    Ge got it up to 95mph on Sky this summer. Hit Graeme Swann on the hand in the Essex v England game and then while out in Aus this winter he's hit Cook twice, badged Root, hit Carberry in the gut and cleaned up Bell who apparently said "Why the **** isn't this guy in the Essex side every week?"
  17. Marcuss

    *Official* Fifth Test at The Oval

    Best TMS cake ever?
  18. Marcuss

    Lord Presents..What Made Your Day + What Ruined Your Day IV

    Made: BBC News - Cambridge University law exam question 'horrific'
  19. Marcuss

    Batting Outside of The Crease

    What are the disadvantages to it? Currently watching the ENG/NZ Test and both Williamson and Brownlie are well back in their crease to the English seam bowlers. Now I appreciate that Anderson, Broad and Finn are a little bit quicker than the stuff I face on a Saturday but are there any...