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  1. Pratters

    The Photography Thread

  2. Pratters

    India Top Two ODI batsmen

    Are Rohit and Kohli the greatest two odi batsmen India has produced.. Rohit is massively underrated.
  3. Pratters

    Captains in first tests

    Who all have captained in their first tests ? Also, can any one explain how Graeme Smith , Lee Germon etc manage to captain their first tests?
  4. Pratters

    CW Member Food Game

    Write which food the member reminds you of. Next, nominate a member so the next person posting can describe him as a food. Since I go first, I will choose the member myself. Athlai - cool cucumber. Next: zorax.
  5. Pratters

    The Burgey Team posting for Burgey

    A) Is this allowed as per forum rules B) How many people are part of this ****y team. Stop this. PLEASE!
  6. Pratters

    Re Zorax supporting both India and Bangladesh

    What is the logic exactly? Are you an Indian or a Bangladeshi originally? If you support Bangladesh in Bangladesh v India, how can you support India in all other series India play? Then you are a neutral in India v England..
  7. Pratters

    Worst Player to Play 200 ODIs

    HowSTAT! ODI Cricket - Most ODI Matches
  8. Pratters

    Worst Player to Play 100 Tests?

  9. Pratters

    Degrees of Separation - test teams

    https://www.reddit.com/r/Cricket/comments/9438du/9_degrees_of_england_tests_1877_2018/?utm_source=reddit-android Can we do for other test teams like done for England here by Athers (Selvey really).
  10. Pratters


    Which subforums do you subscribe on it. What's your reddit karma. Etc etc.
  11. Pratters

    Tagging users in posts

    Can we add it, please.
  12. Pratters

    *Official* India Tour of England 2018

    Thinking of buying this for whenever I read this thread:
  13. Pratters

    France v Belgium

    Best two sides, certainly in this half, came through. Looking forward to a wonderful clash.
  14. Pratters

    Less European representation

    Should Europe have less teams in future world cups as gap between European and other sides seems to have diminished..
  15. Pratters

    ***Official*** Indian Premier League 2018

    Hardik decision was fine really. There was no real snick and if you see the seam of the ball, there was no edge. The Umesh dismissal is plain odd though.
  16. Pratters

    ***Official*** Indian Premier League 2018

    Royal Challengers Bangalore, true to their name, have been challengers forever in the IPL. Struggling again this season with a terrible bowling line up. Lest we forget, this isn't their worst team by any means.
  17. Pratters

    India's Road to World Cup 2019

    Dhoni, I hope isn't there in the squad but looks unlikely. What should the squad be.. who are locks and who are contenders at this stage?
  18. Pratters

    Lovely David Warner Pics

  19. Pratters

    Lovely David Warner Pics

    Need some more Warner in my life.
  20. Pratters

    Baggy Green ball tampering: Bancroft, Smith and the Aussie "Leadership Group"

    Disgraced former Australian captain Steven Smith's book gets placed in a different category in a book store.