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  1. Athlai

    chris harris was underrated

    Damn you probably thought Phlegm made his thread
  2. Athlai

    Best serious scenes from otherwise lighthearted material

    Was just thinking this morning about the below moment in Fresh Prince of Bel Air and how the emotional impact seems to extend far beyond what you'd expect. That series actually had a few moments like that. What else has moments like these?
  3. Athlai

    Five movies you've seen at the cinema

    A rip off of the bands thread. Ideally the 6th movie should be something you've not seen at all. The reason this is a cool game is because movies have a limited release. Shut up and please play it okay. 1) Jurassic Park 2) Definitely Maybe 3) Somethings Gotta Give 4) Alita: Battle Angel 5)...
  4. Athlai

    What do you order from KFC?

    The moment you've all been waiting for. Zinger burger + either a 3 piece quarterpack (hot and spicy season), or a zinger ultimate combo with either extra chicken or extra wings. If I don't waddle out of KFC then I had a bad time.
  5. Athlai

    What do you order from Burger King/Hungry Jacks?

    The important questions keep coming. I get a BK Chicken combo. I don't really trust BK sides so if I'm super hungry it'd just be 2 BK chickens.
  6. Athlai

    What do you order from a pizza place?

    I considered doing this seperately as like Pizza Hutt / Dominos or whatever but really pizza places are all the same **** pretty much, you’d likely order just a worse version of your standard from a shitter place. For pizza orders I generally go a pepperoni myself. Though if they have wings I’d...
  7. Athlai

    What do you order from McDonald's?

    This isn't a thread to talk about other brands or how awful Maccas is. There is a time and place for that and it isn't here. What's your typical order look like? McChicken large combo Chicken Bites / Chicken Nuggets* *depends how drunk, hungry or both I am. Generally a pack of chicken bites...
  8. Athlai

    Ideal Temperature

    I'm a 17-20 degrees Celsius man myself. (62-70F)
  9. Athlai

    Kane Williamson's open letter to frontline medical staff

  10. Athlai

    Do you want a lineup deadline for each round?

    Cribb is reluctant to impose this sort of thing on anyone (or anything, bloody libertarian), but I suspect we may have unanimous assent on this. Should the selectors get a 48-72 hour window from the end of the last round to name their XI for the next one? We're all busy people*, and I know if I...
  11. Athlai

    Pointless Trial Discussion

    Reminder that after the very important care cup, there are 2 entirely meaningless trial games for everyone. So name your lineups.
  12. Athlai

    World Cup XI

    Whats your team?
  13. Athlai

    Alternate names for the Crusaders

    I’m surprised more people aren’t mentally trying to think of a good new name for if the Crusaders do redbrand. A few possible suggestions: The McCaws Eggmen Wizards (bring it back) Scoundrels ( picture of a Kea that looks like Richie McCaw as the mascot) The Remarkables (that’ll piss Otago off)
  14. Athlai

    NZ rise to 2nd in Test rankings for first time

    ICC men's test rankings 1. India 116 2. New Zealand 107 3. South Africa 105 4= Australia 104 England 104 6. Sri Lanka 93 7. Pakistan 88 8. West Indies 77 9. Bangladesh 69 10. Zimbabwe 13
  15. Athlai

    Predictions Thread

    Winner: Avengers Spoon: Squirts Team with Most Draws: Howe Top Run Scorer: Kohli Top Wicket Taker: Starc Never Plays a Game: Mahmudullah Longest Injured: Tendulkar Best Retiree: Younis Khan Best Non-Test Player: Papps
  16. Athlai

    Black Clash 2019

    --------------------------------------------------------- New Zealand’s biggest sporting stars against each other in a high-intensity, hugely fun T20 cricket match at Christchurch’s beautiful Hagley Oval on Friday January 25. Stephen Fleming’s Team Cricket will be defending its honour against...
  17. Athlai

    ICC Test XI of the Year

    Tom Latham (NZ) - Avengers Dimuth Karunaratne (Sri Lanka) - Randy CC Kane Williamson (NZ) - Avengers Viral Kohli (India, captain) - Angry Men Henry Nicholls (NZ) - Squirts Rishabh Pant (India, WK) - Hydra Jason Holder (West Indies) - DBS CC Kagiso Rabada (South Africa) - Squirts Nathan Lyon...
  18. Athlai

    Athlai's Avengers

    Round 1 Kane Williamson Tests 5865 @ 51.44 29 W @ 39.65 FC 10650 @ 48.63 85 @ 43.10 Round 2 Mitchell Starc 1322 @ 20.98 198 W @ 28.43 FC 1895 @ 21.78 332 W @ 26.91 Round 3 Morne Morkel Tests 944 @ 11.65 309 W @ 27.66 FC 1895 @ 14.03 522 W @ 24.95 Round 4 Faf du Plessis Avengers XI - -...
  19. Athlai

    Best and Worst Picks of the Round

    Round 1 - Phlegm is a traitor
  20. Athlai

    Cricket Web Premier League - sign up and general discussion

    The internet’s premier cricket simmage league has returned on Christmas Day. Everyone’s favourite robot has finally given the all clear on a new season of CPL, coming first to CW. If you haven’t seen CPL or CWPL before, it’s basically a simming league where participants draft a team of current...