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  • Hi Dan, Thanks for your post in the British Politics Thread. Can you (or any other moderator) please also answer to the other question I posed on that thread? - is it ok to make a 'get him out of here' post? I want to know because if that is allowed, then I am going to make such posts to gimh and sledger everyday.
    I've just noticed that I have an 8 pointer for refusing to obey moderator infractions. It's probably justified but I'm wondering what exactly tipped the scales.
    I've just looked at my picks for the nonexistant CPL season we drafted and almost all of them were garbage. I'm sure we'll be a force to be reckoned with.
    Hi Dan. I use this 3rd party editing program called Faizan cricket editor which allows you to not only look up a players' individual bat/bowl rating, but also edit them.

    Unfortunately the guy who made it hasn't really done anything ICC related since 2014, or so. Hence I still use ICC 2013 (an old game I know!) to do the whole sim league thing.

    However, people have made cheatengine files for the most recent versions of the game, which allow you to do basically the same thing. I prefer not to use them though as they aren't as user friendly. These little programs can be found at places like planetcricket if you're interested in trying them out.
    i didn't troll or bait anyone, just commented on how i was enjoying the game.
    thanks for your nice message in the thread :)

    also, two things:

    1) in case you didn't know, Maaike has a new record out (and still tours, so that's another reason for you to consider a traditional Aussie grand tour of Europe)
    2) any honest opinions on the forum name change?
    a massive pile of money or drugs, but not asifs drugs

    munro is too important in the reserves to trade i suspect
    Hey, some of the SA players you picked are not available in the game. Pick some different ones.
    Haha, as well they should be!

    Honestly though, if it is something that someone really wants to do, they should go for it. It is important, however, to think about exactly why one wants to do it, what they hope to get out of it, and where they hope it will take them.

    Unless one has very clear ideas about all of these things, and is very determined, my advice would be avoid.

    In any event, it is not something that should be undertaken lightly. Happy to talk further about it though, give advice/my two cents etc.
    Available to trade:

    Rollins, Ishii, Wyatt, Dream, Black, Mysterio, Takahashi, KUSHIDA, I most desperately want Ibushi
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