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Shady Slim
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  • Cool, I can't think of 5 more right now but if any pop into my head I'll add them!
    Up to you mate. All good if you haven't got the time. Basically you just pick a side & I sim some matches. It's a battle of the minnows so all good if the interest isn't there.
    No worries mate. Let me know when you're in town we'll grab a bite to eat.

    Yeah I'm glad I missed it. You could see it coming a mile away from the time he said GC's record wasn't good because he didn't play Marshall - who wasn't picked to play against him... Plainly setting it up to limit what's important to whichever certain bowlers the blokes he loves have done well against. The man is an odious buffoon. If he lost a brain cell, his other one would die of loneliness.

    We have a new Dir Ops starting here next week. Once they settle in I'll also pass on your cv to them. Will keep you posted mate.
    Haha, nah mate, just had other stuff to do and cbf coming on here while I got back up and running at work. Have passed your cv on and will let you know when I hear anything. Govt works slowly though sometimes mate, but will do my best to keep it front and centre.

    And yeah, I'd imagine he would have been running amok. The bloke is a brainless **** of the highest order. If people want to let him carry on as he does, the joint will rapidly resemble a cricinfo comments page. Be no less than it deserves, tbh.
    My god man where have you been? The amount of slim on this forum of late has depressed me.
    Tragically I have to work these days, so the first test is unlikely. Second could be a goer
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