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Search results

  1. zorax

    Best Daft Punk Album?

    Discovery IMO, though Interstella 5555 is probably one of my favorite animated films of all time. I don't count Musique Vol. 1, Alive 1997 or Alive 2007 as albums.
  2. zorax

    Spoken Word Poetry

    What a great art form Let's start with the most popular practitioner in recent times - Sarah Kay (inb4 snarky GIMH comment)
  3. zorax

    Eminem Appreciation Thread

    Discuss the greatest rapper of all time He's got so many good songs, I'll start with one of his more personal pieces:
  4. zorax

    Cricket Memes

    Let's get shitposting I'll start: https://www.instagram.com/p/CAh4Em8FfEx/
  5. zorax

    Just Dance

    Fun game. Oh it's actually called 'Just Dance Now'
  6. zorax

    Live Cricket happening in the world right now

    Vanuatu T10 Blast about to get underway: https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=share&v=sUGmYH3Qg1o Vincy T10 premier league starts tomorrow iirc
  7. zorax

    Do you wish people Happy Birthday on Facebook?

    I usually don't. If it's someone that I am close enough to that I want to wish them, I can usually message them directly on WhatsApp/FB and so I don't post on their walls. If it's someone who I won't wish privately (either because I barely know then or I cbf) then I don't bother with a wall...
  8. zorax

    What are you currently watching on Netflix?

    American Factory for me
  9. zorax

    Best Games Growing Up

    What are the best games you played as a kid growing up Can be anything - board games, video games, an elaborate version of tag, or backyard cricket so complex that you and your friends developed a set of rules against throwing things at the batsman. What game was it that gave you the most...
  10. zorax

    Where did all the anvils go?

    They used to be ubiquitous. Wiley E Cayote used them all the time in the cartoons. Where did they all go?
  11. zorax


    Why is it so hard, and what's your favourite pose? Been doing a lot more of the pidgeon pose lately. Great to open up the hips.
  12. zorax

    Ramadan Karim

    Happy Ramadan to all the Muslims on here! I realise that's like, 4 people, but still.
  13. zorax

    Invitation to Season 7 of the Mafia Championship

    So CW Mafia has received an invite to participate in Season 7 of the Mafia Championship I have forwarded the email to everyone in the CW mafia email ID's contact list. The email is as follows: Seems interesting Do we do it, and who do we send to represent us?
  14. zorax

    CBD Oil

    Anyone use it/have any experiences with it?
  15. zorax

    The Greatest Biscuit In The World

    Is Parle-G IMO Discuss
  16. zorax

    Zorax Double Likes

    I've given a few out, but unfortunately have not kept good track of all the posts that were deemed worthy of the honor Please post here if you've ever received one, along with a link to the post in question. Consider this a CW Honors Board, in a way.
  17. zorax

    Real Cricket 20

    Fun little mobile app game that I've just started playing. Gameplay mechanics are solid, but more importantly - you can play as Hong Kong! The squad's a bit out of date, but something's better than nothing The game itself is free, but a lot of it you need to pay to unlock. I won't be doing...
  18. zorax

    Pocket Cricket

    Pocket Cricket Wisde - Why Pocket Cricket is the greatest free online cricket game ever made Downisde: need to play on a laptop/computer, kinda time consuming Plusside: fun game
  19. zorax

    2020 Hong Kong Premier League One-Day Series

    Schedule: All times in HKT 15th March – HKCC – 09:30 AM – HKCC PL vs DLSW DLIT <--- live broadcast on FB/YouTube 15th March – KCC – 10:00 AM – KCC PL vs USRC PL 22nd March – HKCC – 09:30 AM – HKCC PL vs PACC PL 22nd March – KCC – 10:00 AM – DLSW DLIT vs KCC PL 29th March – Mission Road – DLSW...