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Search results

  1. andmark

    The British Politics Thread

    Anyone willing to put their head over the trench?
  2. andmark

    ***Official*** English Football Season 2019-20

    United lining up like
  3. andmark

    The Jordan Peterson thread

    This sounds familiar. We like Roy!
  4. andmark

    Any England or Australia Fans Who Don't Enjoy The Ashes?

    For pretty much all of my time as a cricket fan, I've enjoyed the traditions and history of the Ashes. It almost feels like cricket's birth story and the imagery of titans like Bradman, Botham and Warne fighting for such a tiny urn can't help but feel immense. That said, I've found myself not...
  5. andmark

    The Political Compass Test

    You are a left moderate social libertarian. Left: 3.39, Libertarian: 2.9 Foreign Policy: On the left side are pacifists and anti-war activists. On the right side are those who want a strong military that intervenes around the world. You scored: -2.7 Culture: Where are you in the culture war? On...
  6. andmark

    The Political Compass Test

    About where I would've guessed.
  7. andmark

    Shootings in Utrecht, Netherlands

    There's an on-going situation where a gunman seems to have targeted a tram in the Netherlands. Depressing stuff.
  8. andmark


    Safe, conservative and boring, or dangerous, unusual and bizarre, does anyone have any predictions of pretty much any nature for this tournament? I'm thinking India to win the tournament with Kohli being the top scorer. I reckon weather will also have an influence on proceedings, with numerous...
  9. andmark

    The Greatest Person of the Twentieth Century

    The BBC recently did a series of programs and votes to decide the greatest person of the twentieth century with the result being Alan Turing. Their methodology was however dodgy. Perhaps invariably, there was a western and UK-centrism with the options available. For example, in their...
  10. andmark


    That's a reason I wouldn't get a cat. The thought of seeing a dead rat around the house horrifies me. Here's my German Shepherd, Milly amused with herself for getting on the furniture.
  11. andmark

    ***Official*** English Football Season 2018-19

    I wonder what Jasper has to say about this?
  12. andmark

    Nominate Your Country’s Chennai

    Say that when the first thing you see when entering your city centre is this:
  13. andmark

    Greatest All-Round Athlete Ever

    I used the search button but couldn't find anything about what I'm talking about, so here we go. Who is/was the greatest athlete ever? I'm not talking just athletics nor do I mean the best sportsperson. Rather I'm talking in terms of who had the best physical abilities ever. The obvious ways of...
  14. andmark

    The American Politics thread

    It's an interesting idea but they can apparently sit:
  15. andmark

    100th Anniversary of Armistice Day

    The 11th of November will mark the 100th anniversary of Armistice Day which ended the First World War and I think there should be a thread marking it. I'll just try to give context to explain why the war was an important point of history worth commemorating. The conflict was about as brutal as...
  16. andmark

    Move Quiz

    Another clue:
  17. andmark

    Move Quiz

    Sorry, you'll have to click it.