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  1. Burpey

    Overnights With John Kerr

    Some of the best radio shenanigans yet. Removed by James
  2. Burpey


  3. Burpey

    #Link to Cricket Chat forum#

    Let's just pretend nothing happened...
  4. Burpey

    CW Football Code Of Conduct

    The following offenses are punishable by the CWFA: 1. Blatant insults directed at players or teams. 2. The posting of lewd sexual material. 3. Persistent baiting of players. 4. Excessive profanity. 5. Any other action determined to be bringing the game into disrepute. If anyone feels any member...
  5. Burpey

    CW Football Code Of Conduct - First Draft

    This may look a little familiar to those of you who also play CW cricket. Any feedback at all on this would be much appreciated.
  6. Burpey

    First point of business

    I guess I better start doing something as PA rep. Basically my role is a link between the players and the board. If anybody has any issues or suggestions at all, by all means email me or catch me on MSN ( burkey_88 @ hotmail dot com ). If you're unable to do that, make a post here in this...
  7. Burpey

    Happy Birthday, Altoz

    One of the most courageous snooker players I have ever seen. Have a good one.
  8. Burpey

    What punishment for Smith?

    Vote and discuss.
  9. Burpey

    If you were a Neighbours character, who would you be?

  10. Burpey

    Wikipedia Vandalism

    Basically vandalise Wikipedia articles or create your own, and post your efforts here. Here's a quick one I just whipped up: Despised Icon
  11. Burpey

    Blinky Bill

    Dedicated to Gelman
  12. Burpey

    Central United & adidas: Striptease

    Central United, in association with adidas, unveiled the kit that they would be sporting for the inaugural CW Premiership season at a launch entitled Striptease. Central's skipper Daniel 'Keggers' Smith looked very comfortable in the state of the art uniforms, which are cut three-dimensionally...
  13. Burpey

    Computer help needed

    Whenever I put an audio CD or a CD-Rom in my drive, it doesn't recognise it. My Computer thinks there is nothing in the drive. Also, I can hear the disk trying to spin then stopping, then spin a bit more and stop again, etc. Interestingly though, when I put a DVD in it works perfectly. Anybody...
  14. Burpey

    International Rules Thread

    Because I don't like the number of soccer threads.
  15. Burpey

    ATTN: Drunk people posting on CW

    **** off.
  16. Burpey

    Battle Of The Beers

    Nominate and second as many as you want for now. And just to clarify, Carlton Cold and Carlton Mid for example are different beers. You're not nominating by brand but rather by the actual beer. Get crackin'. EDIT: The BOTB Committee is made up of Borcich, Chaulk, and myself.
  17. Burpey

    Bundy Ad

    I'm sure most of the Aussies have seen the Bundy ads for the Fine Form Awards. In particular, I want to refer to the bloke who doesn't flirt with his mate's ex. He is built up as some sort of hero for not doing so. It's even crept into the venacular amongst my mates, where the simple utterance...
  18. Burpey

    I felt like sharing this story

    The story's from a while ago, but for some reason I was only told it today. A few of the girls were out clubbing, Havana's I believe for the Sydneysiders who know of it. Anyways, this Carribbean bloke starts hitting on one of the girls. He's a fair bit older than her thought; she's 18, he's...
  19. Burpey

    Barton v Bilson

    The ultimate grudge match. Let's settle this once and for all.
  20. Burpey

    CW Perth Meet-Up

    Attendees: Alex Blackman, Nick Borcich, Linda Philipps, Ashley Chaulk, David Kennett. So what do you guys get up to? Any pics?