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  • Hi Teja
    Sorry for the slow reply, I've only just come across your message. Thanks for asking, that's really kind of you. I've been fine. I just found myself busy with work for a week or so as I'm working from home at present. I trust that you and your family are keeping well too.
    Yeah dude. Thanks.

    Feels terrible to lock them up every evening but idk what bein a coward is anymore. Would I be a coward if I let them out and riak them getting infected fearing a few choice words or would I be a coward if I kept them inside? Idk. But yeah, thanks for the words.
    I wrote over 3500 words answering your questions today but I'm still not done. I will post when I can.
    Objectively it's very hard to argue against your point. However you have to account for the broken neck which obviously you have referenced. But yeah the feud with Bret and all that around it was his best work from an individual performance level. Not sure I'd go as far as to call later Austin a meme though
    Didn't realise there was a Strokes album out. I didn't enjoy Angels and so kind of checked out but will give newer stuff a go.

    At the minute I'm in one of my mega Beatles cycles that happen every few years. Need to find something new though. Attended a local festival last summer headed by my man Miles Kane, there were some pretty cool acts at that - I got stuck into Hushtones and Red Rum Club afterwards but haven't really tried anything else new since.

    Haven't got many games yet. Missus has commandeered it haha. I downloaded GTA3 for some nostalgia and that's cool. Will be playing GTAV and Fifa. Beyond that my mates all tell me to go play Red Dead so I probably will at some point.

    Oh and Taylor Swift is ace. My daughter is a big fan. I don't enjoy the Reputation album much but 1989 is class as is some of the stuff that came before it
    Speak to me about your Euro trip.... I'm back that way for 6 weeks in March/Apr. Potential Euro beers.
    I am from Hyderabad. You were talking about having shifted base for work so I am assuming you work in Bangalore now?
    That sounds awesome. I'll catch you on Skype one of these days but for now I'll slide into your DMs on Cricsim.
    Haha that's awesome! Tell me more!

    You hardly ever hear him speak publicly. He was great on longform podcast but that was years ago.

    I've been thinking a lot about his Cricket as Metaphor post recently, trying to figure out what it was that made the Headingley test so special, even in comparison to the WC final. It's as good an explanation as I've found. Like most of his writing it might be super, super niche though.
    How am I ignoring Moderator instructions? I was simply stating a dissenting viewpoint as opposed to what was posted. I have not used any foul language. This is just flat out blind by you guys and lazy.
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