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Exciting batsmen

Who is the most exciting batsman in the world?

  • Verinder Sehwag

    Votes: 4 12.9%
  • Shahid Afridi

    Votes: 2 6.5%
  • Andrew Flintoff

    Votes: 7 22.6%
  • Adam Gilchrist

    Votes: 8 25.8%
  • Sanath Jayasuriya

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Matthew Hayden

    Votes: 1 3.2%
  • Sachin Tendulkar

    Votes: 2 6.5%
  • Brian Lara

    Votes: 3 9.7%
  • Other

    Votes: 4 12.9%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .

Tom Halsey

Well-known member
Heres a topic I am interested in. I would like to see who in your opinion is the most exciting batman in the world


Well-known member
Yeah, he gets out. :(

Gone for Fantastic Frederick Flintoff purely because if he's mashing the ball about, he's doing it for England and that means I'll be enjoying it slightly more.

Plus all the Aussies will vote for Gilchrist and Hayden with good reason so I'm supporting the home chap. :)


Well-known member
It has to be Adam Gilchrist. The way he attacks, he can tear bowling attacks to pieces.

Glichrists Career Strike Rates are simply amazing:

Tests: 83.59
ODI: 92.43

A great batsman to watch.


Well-known member
For me, it's Tendulkar because when he's on song, he provides a perfect combination of proper technique and power while playing a very wide array of strokes.

Gilchrist is a very close second because he's also very solid technically.

Also, with all due respect to Sehwag, he doesn't belong to that list. He's probably got the worst technique of all those guys. Other guys like Ponting and Ganguly should be ahead of him.

Mr Mxyzptlk

Well-known member
After seeing Brian Lara bat yesterday, I'm voting him. He was sensational, getting from 50 to 100 in 20odd balls (23 I believe)!

Ricardo Powell and Chris Gayle are also quite a treat to watch.


Well-known member
Its got to be Brian Lara!!!! he is only one in the list who did it in 1992 against 2 W's, Donald and mcdermot....in 2003 against Mcrath, lee, Muralitharan...My vote is for him


its got to be virender sehwag to me.

sehwag is the most exciting batsman to watch and whats more - hes better than hayden.
Has to be Michael Clarke. Absolutely and without a doubt. 44* off 28 says it all! Now that's excitement!
Let's not forget the ING cup last year where he hit 4 sixes in a score of 39 of 20-or-30-something balls. 8D


Well-known member
Adam Gilchrist for me.

I would much rather watch Ponting than Hayden and Shewag though he would be my second pick just infront of H Gibb's and Vaughan.


Well-known member
Michael Slater

You always felt like something was about to happen when he was batting , just brilliant to watch , pure adrenalin..

The first morning of a test match just isnt the same without him:(

Would've given Gilchrist second & Lara third.


Well-known member
Astle is pretty good to watch when he lights up, especially since he holds the test record for fastest double century.


Well-known member
afridi!!! he's got the fastest ODI century ever, of 37 balls...He can really send the ball flying to all parts of the ground...simply brilliant to watch when in form... Every team is wary of his capabilities, and whilst he's out there,they can never feel comfortable..even if pak needs 300 runs of 35 overs...if he's hitting them well,they won't b comfy!


Well-known member
In my opinion Afridi has got to be the most exciting player,when hes there something is always happening and its happening fast. I guess players like brian lara and sachin tendulkar do bring excitment but they are type of players who know how to handle a certain situation and don't have one game plan in mind and that is hitting. On the other hand i have always seen afridi trying to hit the ball every delivery no matter what the situation of the match.