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Hitman Cricket Bats


Been doing some research. I am in the market for a new cricket bat and im thinking of going high end.

The term 'players grade' is common but the makers of the Hitman bats claim their 'Pro' grade is far superior.

These hitman bats arnt cheap and its a big purcahse for me, so before I outlay almost a grand on a bat i would love some feedback of people thoughts or experience.



FYI to anyone interested, im meeting with Hitman cricket this weekend to see his stock and possibly pick a bat, will post up my opinion/thoughts early next week


didnt get a chance to post up yesterday.

so as planned visited hitman's home base over the weekend.

i was greeted by someone truly passionate about cricket and specifically cricket bats.

so ryan had 3-4 he shortlisted based on my requirements. All of which were amazing bits of wood. I felt the pickup and ping of each of them, all of them had more response than ive ever felt before (and have had a few G1 bats in my time). Yes its easy to post up big claims online but the feel has me 100% sold! seriously with very little bat movement the ball was just flying off these sticks and it had such a soft feeling through the handle.

i spoke to ryan for a good hour and never felt rushed through any of it. im not well off financially so a bat costing this much is a big purchase for me. After meeting and testing it was a no brainer. I picked the bat which i felt was was right and performance like ive never seen before and told him to get it ready, ryan said he will hand knock it in for 15 hours and put on all the protection i need (extratec and fibre tape on) plus some shoe goo and a bat cover is also included. I dont expect to see the bat before chrissy but ill put up some pics when I get it.

Rough description is 2.8 in weight, SH, mid to low sweet spot and duck billed shape.

Only complaint i have is there is a small blemish in the willow on the face of the bat but i have to remember performance is more important than looks!