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OFFICIAL South Australian Website released


Cricket Web XI Moderator
jesus christ my screen got bright red !! did u make it when you were drunk by any chance and angry at a mate .. blood everywhere on your site ! CEO needs therapy :P

nah good site mate.. its got everything it needs for a team like SA so doesnt have to be all flashy like Hampshires or kent:P average site for an average team

:lol: :lol: :lol:

rich i got him here :P


Well-known member
looks fine

my one suggestion would be to have the 'fixtures' and 'results' sections all as one.


Well-known member
lord_of_darkness said:
average site for an average team

:lol: :lol: :lol:

rich i got him here :P
LOL :lol: - That comment was quick Lord!, and it makes up for some of the pain he has sent our way while we were on MSN. Insulting our two sides **Quickly checks results aren't out**

Looks good Blewy, I agree with someone that you might aswell just add a extra bit onto the end of the fixtures and have results there. Saves on updating time etc as well that way.

Other than that all looks good :)


Well-known member
Ok guys i took a few comments and have updated a little, changed a few things around and also added a couple of things...

Any more comments??