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  • Hi mate,

    I've never heard anything about FS tests beyond thinking "thank god I'm not teaching in a state school so I can ignore all that crap..." It looks like it's only an experiment in a few schools this year so I can't see these results holding that much water in the future regardless of what they mean.

    As to what they actually mean - well, I'm not sure - what you've got there looks like a sound pass in all modules even given a slightly iffy writing result, but as I say, not worth losing sleep over - what did the school expect? What have your mates got? Have you done Maths/ICT FS as well?
    Hi Mark, your best bet is to report the post and make all the mods aware of the situation through there.
    I think you're being arrogant and disrespectful to people that work in McDonalds.
    It is for someone asking what career options they have with only 4 GCSEs of D and higher. Anyway, not fussed.
    Am half way through reading an interesting essay on democracy, Aristotle's saying of "democracy can be a form of tyranny" And Plato's idea of an ideal government. Plato believed in an intellectual aristocracy where the philosophers would decide who to choose. A while ago I would have agreed with him, but probably not now. What do you think?
    Hi mate. Yeah if the unlikely (but not too unlikely) labour-liberal coalition went on it would be an ideal election for me. The BNP not getting a seat, the greens getting their first and no conservative government.
    Okay well I'll drop you an email this weekend. It's regarding the journalism thread you made the other day.
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