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Egmaston - England v Australia - First match what to expect


I have been a cricket fan for some time, and my wife is treating me to a ticket at the ICC England v Australia match on 8th June

The ticket details are
South Lower Tier - Block 33

A few questions, as it is the first ever live match that I have been too!

a. What time should I aim to arrive - it starts at 10.30am

b. What time roughly should I pencil in for leaving - how long will the match last (I know it is "how long a piece of string")

c. Any tips for my day at Edgbaston?

d. Can Edgbaston be reached easily by train - looking at the website I think I would need a taxi from the station - would car be the better choice!


Well-known member
A - Look to arrive in Brum before 9am

B - Be around 6 as long as weather doesn't intervene.

C - Park across road is nice to stretch legs in at lunch break.

D - Buses used run from station to ground but not been that way for many years so may be different.


Eyes not spreadsheets
Buses do run, but it is walkable if the weather's good.

Last time we did it we got a cab from the station, but that was more due to it being in the middle of the riots.


Well-known member
Would've been a great day for the OP at the game. Be interested to hear what they thought of it.


Would've been a great day for the OP at the game. Be interested to hear what they thought of it.
Yes I did - I had a great day - though I did not have a chance to get any autographs.

I had a chance to get some photos though when I first got there.

Enjoyed it so much, I have booked to go the the England v Austrilia ODI (Area QL) at the Agnes Bowl whatever that is, and the England v Australia ODI at Yorkshire - West Stand.