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Line and Length

Well-known member
Greetings all!

I joined this impressive site just 5 days ago and should have probably made myself known here earlier.

I was born in England during WWII and my early cricketing heroes were Len Hutton, Dennis Compton, Keith Miller and, later, Fred Trueman. My family moved to Australia in 1954 but I continued supporting England whenever my two countries met.
I didn't start playing until I was in my mid-twenties but played over 270 club games and had the pleasure of playing with and against a number of first class and Test players. I retired when I hit 50 (a bit long in the tooth to be opening bowling) and took up umpiring and, once again, met a few big names.

I must warn fellow members, I can be a bit opinionated at times but I hope I can remain diplomatic enough not to tread on any toes.



Well-known member
Welcome L&L from another relative newbie. You seem to be off to a fine start.

Don't worry about being opinionated or treading on the odd toe here and there, the trick is not to mind too much when the boot is on the other foot (and, err, on your toe) sometimes.
Hello my name is Michelle..I have been a cricket fan since my father showed me the world cup final.

I have read forum for a while..finally brave enough to post. :) :)
Hi All,

This is Pankaj. I am from New Delhi, India. I am a Software Engineer by profession but also a cricket enthusiast, analyst and writer. I am an avid reader, a researcher on consciousness and I write about cricket and spirituality on my website HighwayTimes.com. I also tweet about cricket on my handle - @iPankajKhanna

In this short essay "Virat Kohli’s Time of Reckoning Down Under" on my website HighwayTimes, I have written about Virat Kohli's captaincy skills or the lack of it. Whenever cricket resumes he still has a lot to prove when it comes to his leadership if he has to retain his position.

Virat Kohli's Time of Reckoning Down Under

Pankaj Khanna
Twitter: @iPankajKhanna
Website: HighwayTimes
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