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  • Hey James, would it be possible to remove this Hexxagon Champion thing from my sidebar when I post? Especially since it's not really accurate. Thanks.
    Hey James, seems I don't have full mod access to "news and politics" sub-forum (things like deleting threads). Could you please fix that?
    A few years back, you took the location option away from me because I had something about a scrotum in there. Its been long enough itbt. I want it back. :P
    Hey James!

    Adding a team for the CT fantasy comp. Modifications don't cost points until the start of the tournament, right?
    Hi James,

    I need to deactivate my account permanently. Can you tell me the procedure for the same?
    Hi James,

    Can I request to be taken off the moderators@ email list? In starting a new job, the spam has started to be pretty disruptive (and I'll probably be around a bit less). I'll keep checking the Mod Forum when I'm online; never used the emails much anyway.
    Hey James!

    Poster named "Great India" would like to have his username changed to "Fenil". Could you do that? Can I also do such things? If yes, could you direct me as to the procedure?

    Hey James, would it be possible to have my custom title changed from what it is currently to something else? Don't feel as comfortable as I did previously with my current choice.

    If it can be changed

    Not Terrible

    would be my choice

    The "idiots" I referred to regarding Jeetan were the constant Stuff.co.nz comments that he, and Jesse Ryder should be in the side due to their performances in county cricket, despite Jeetan being next to useless in any international format and Jesse going off the deep end. That's not an antagonistic post. The thread from Zorax is still live, I guarantee you had I gone in there, posted and pulled him up on his crap, I'd have been infracted to it.
    Basically, if people continue attempting to antagonise me and your moderators don't control it - what do you expect me to do? You have a thread created by Zorax in the main forum which has one sole intent, to attempt to get me to respond in a way that makes it easier for you to infract. As far as I can see that breaches your ToC where as nothing I post does; expressing an opinion about Jeetan Patel being a bad selection for the NZ Cricket team isn't trolling.
    Hey James, did we ever get a picture from Phil Hughes' club RE the banner?
    Hi James, my laptop has been in for repairs and I've lost my account details for the cw wordpress. Could you email it to me tonight as I want to upload a new podcast.
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