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  • My signature (the e acute characters) has broken, I'll see if that's something that can be fixed easily
    Sure man. I'm not going to pay for Soundcloud any more so unless you can embed the youtube video you'd need to download it and host it elsewhere
    Hi James, I'm not a 100% sure on the circumstances surrounding this, but I'm wondering if you could take some time to apologize to Heef regarding the whole Blocky situation. He's mentioned he would come back if so and the forum would be a lot better with someone like him around.
    Cheers James!

    Yea I don't think another trip to HK will be likely in 2020. I'm optimistic that we'll be back open by September, but let's see.

    Stay safe!
    Hi James

    Hope you and your loved ones are staying safe through all this

    Just wanted to ask if you could help me change my custom user title? I want it change it to "likes this"
    Hi mate,

    No, back in town again now. What are you up to? Still the same place?

    Assuming I don't have the black death, we should definitely catch up soon for a bite
    Cheers for the info mate. Appreciate you letting me know. It seems to change every day. Govt not really helping by trying to lay both sides of the street and not act purely on medical advice.

    Appreciate the heads up mate. Thank you.
    Hey James, can i change my title once more. Ive had more time to think and id like it to say

    Y no Afghanistan flag?
    Thanks James. Id like to say thank you to my wife for not getting too annoyed that I am always writing about Siddle
    Good to hear you followed through with the HK trip despite all the protests :) Glad you had a good time as well.
    It's a bit depressing following the news and events as someone who wants to plan their future here, but coping just fine safety wise. Hopefully things get better.
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