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  • Yeah, of course there is the option of doing both. Who knows. I can't imagine C1 will require too much work. A bit of brushing up on circles at a guess.

    Not sure for the History CW. The school's asked for the moderator's report and it can be resubmitted in the summer. So more than likely it will be a case of making some tedious alterations.
    Got an 83 in C3. Better than expected considering I duffed up the entire final question and the trig identity which were ~18 marks combined. Also slightly disappointing as I felt really prepared for it. Could be an option but I'm not overly fussed about the A*. None of my offers are asking for it, it'd be nice but ultimately resitting Core 3 is far more taxing than C1.

    My History went from an A/B to a mid D.
    Congrats on the 100%. In all likelihood I'll resit C1 in the summer haha. Currently need a B in C4 for an A overall but only got 84 in C1 so there's 16 marks I can make up there. Insurance really.

    As for the bad... my History coursework was downgraded by 2.5 grades. So yeah, it has somewhat meddled with my plans for University. The original plan, which was pending a good History CW grade, was to drop Biology as of now and put all my efforts into getting my third A in History. As it is I have to carry on doing 4 subjects and now have Biology resits in the summer to worry about as well.
    Haha. Don't worry about it mate. Given the team I selected though, we are highly likely to come last by some distance. It's not a problem though!
    Ooooh. You really left me in it with our World Cup Draft XI. Really needed your input. Looks like we're propping up the ladder at the moment; unsurprisingly given my lack of ODI care/knowledge. By the way, the new season in Cricsim should be starting soon so you should head back and re-sign a contract before it gets underway.
    More than enjoyed it, was literally buzzing throughout the whole day for it. Was gutted when we went 1-0 down but you should've seen me from when we equalised onwards. So animated haha.
    Alright mate, just curious as to whether you're just going to do 2 sheep questions per day?
    Thanks, it's really kind of you to say that. I do indeed have MSN. alasdair_riley at hotmail dot com.
    Gosh, someone reading my blog, that's very exciting. I feel I must apologise for it being terrible whilst I find my feet!

    I'm taking Maths, Geography, Economics and Physics, of which I need an A* in one, and then A's in all the rest, to read Land Economy at Cambridge.

    Thanks very much for your congratulations. :D
    Am clueless to where my team would actually benefit from playing, are either of Ames' or Faulkner's homegrounds available?
    Yeah, I'm not saying that it's not flowing well haha, just that the period between the final pick of Round x and then waiting for the order for Round Y can be annoying, some would say :P
    Especially if you get on and post the order at 9am and Australian is up first and he's gone to bed... or something ;)
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