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  • Lol, that makes sense now. What happened to her when you went back to India?

    but if you want to continue to be on the same side of an argument as kris kobach, donald trump and the gateway pundit then sure go ahead. just don't claim that you're super duper left wing while doing so.
    Nah - No offence - not even a smidgen. You never said one thing slightly offensive. It was all highly entertaining. I just hope you are not offended. Worst bit is that I thought getting rid of you would ease the confusion. Now the professionals have come out and I am drowning in confusion.
    Have a can of disinfectant spray at hand always. Spray everything that has contact with outsiders. Don't allow people to come inside home. Ask delivery guy to keep the package outside the door. Spray the package thoroughly before bringing in. Either pay by card or pay in exact-ish cash. Do not accept cash from outsiders. Regulate the behaviour of your servant, if you have one. Don't allow her to go to leave the home, even to dry clothes on the roof.

    Website - irise dot store. Has good quality masks. Buy some. Remember not to reuse any surgical or kn95 mask.
    Hope you’re doing okay man.

    It’s scary for me as well because my parents are both 60+, diabetic and insist on going for morning walks/shopping.

    Hang in there.
    Haha... thanks? I don't think I'm active enough anymore for people to bother having an opinion on me, one way or another. But, appreciate the support!
    Hope things get a little better for you soon Shri. Be thinking of you.
    It was pretty damn good, though not what I expected. Food in Bangalore is consistently good, though.
    Oi. Remember you posting a pic of Andhra Biryani with big chunks of meat. Any idea if I can get that in Bangalore?
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