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  • In seriously mad about this

    You dont do a goddamn thing as a Mod for 6 years and abuse your powers to paint me as a liar?

    Why don't you ****ing tell everyone how long i was online for, and now long i was offline before and after that? Why dont you do the math and tell them what time it was where I am?

    Im a restless sleeper and occasionally log online to cw and sm in the middle of the night, but i never post or reply because im in a daze half asleep and i barely remember anything i see in the morning. thats also why i have invisible status on everything, to avoid exactly this.

    But you abuse your mod powers to violate my privacy and paint me as a liar for what reason? Because im frustrated that i didn't get to go out on my sword after committing most of my spare time for the past 2 weeks to a game that was a lost cause? Because im just venting that something didn't go my way and responding to people attacking me for having feelings?

    Go **** yourself you ****ing shithead.
    Are you still playing this? I was thinking about starting the next AC set in Ancient Greece but my heart wants to go back to Egypt.
    Pretty much how I played too. Really fun game. When I got tired of playing, I loved having Senu fly for ages to see how far he could go. Pretty ****ing far BTW.
    Oh did he! What username?

    I went back to PC recently and it seems to have become less of a cesspool than it used to be. Found a couple of good posters that might be a fit here. CBF recruiting them tho.
    barmyarmy was a good bloke. PEWS reminds me a bit of him. Wonder where he ended up.
    hmm. because i found an old wrestling mafia game I ran on PC and a guy called Hedger_14 was playing in it. was wondering if it might have been you
    S'all good, I know I'm absolutely pig headed in debates. The joy of CW is that you pretty much can be. (with limits obv. #dontbeikki)
    There are heaps in Australia too! If you're ever in Sydney, try a Bondi Burger at Oportos. Portuguese chicken to the next level, haha.
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