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  • cool.. sledger is hedger? I see many with similar usernames, but juz dont wanna get confused with few others.. :)
    Hey prowler, I just joined cricsim. Can u do me a favor? Can you tell me the IDs of the CW regulars there? I am basically signing up to be able to play mafia there too..
    Cheers mate, appreciate it. Lot of work running one isn't Jr? But highly enjoyable. That's why I chose a theme I loved - becomes much easier to get the mechanics right
    Well I hope you play my game and I'm basing it off an early season so spoilers so should be light too. Give it a go if you get chance.
    That's the maf theme I'm setting up. Reckon you'd like the show though. Doesn't have the depth of its contemporaries but great characters and stories
    That's ok. I'd vote for sledger too. I did find an old post the other day where you were on my resignation list with dsbx spark and Teja. Somewhere along the line you escaped that
    Your constant voting against me this year has been remembered and you will pay for it in this life or the next brother
    Nah, family is Vietnamese so I basically have picked up random snippets of knowledge and functionality just from everyday casual use, but nothing especially literate.
    Haha some of those are actually quite shocking, the translation has only vague resemblance to the underlying text
    Haha I am though I've been distracted by other stuff in the last week or so. Ironically hearing people in the game speak greek makes me want to go back there
    Yeah it just feels so good to explore it tbh. Really immersive. And collecting loot to level up your gear etc. is really satisfying and addictive. Another 3 weeks of lockdown announced here today, so it should see me through haha
    About to boot him up for the night. Really enjoying. So much fun just doing the side quests and clearing out enemy camps etc. Haven't done much of the main quest.
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