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  • Not in his world - get the statistics wrong and you might as well be disregarded because you can't even get the basics right, why should you be able to discuss cricket.
    I don't believe he is a troll, I think he's just a highly earnest passionate supporter of his own team and its place in history and will talk down the achievements from any other team in support of his own. Not that much different to most people here except he doesn't know when to stop arguing and in a place as cynical as this one with so many people seeking a reason to be offended, he's an easy one to go at.
    Meh, the overall theme of the thread was that these runs aren't as good as runs made in the past and should be treated as such, the side show was more so just some ****s and giggles and trolls trolling trolls.
    haha.. It's always funny watching people get more and more frustrated while someone is willing to hold their ground, but by the end even I was getting annoyed by how many of my posts were being re-quoted and questioned, makes it hard to have a consistent point if you're arguing with 15 people.
    Hi, just to let you know that Adders, wiff and I have opened the donations page towards contributing to the Cricket Web banners that are being produced for Phil Hughes and Sean Abbott. We're leaving you a message as you mentioned that you may be interested in contributing. Please check out the original thread in Cricket Chat for details. Many thanks.
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