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Which 4 heads would you put on a cricketing Mount Rushmore?

The Battlers Prince

Well-known member
That's a tough question. I'm thinking the four people who brought the game to the people, and were inspiring in doing so. No disrespect to Sobers of course but I'd say Grace, Bradman, Worrell and Tendulkar


Well-known member
How many people did Tendulkar bring to the game ffs? India was cricket mad decades before he came along. Same for Australia with Bradman.

Grace - birth of modern cricket
Worrell - black West Indian captain, statesman
Benaud - great player, captain and doyen of commentators
Olonga/ Flower - their stand against Mugabe was a great, great thing to do.


Well-known member
And I should say, as great a player as he was, I wouldn't want Warne anywhere near a monument to all that's meant to be good about cricket. As much as I might be prepared to set aside a lot of his **** through his career, the Marlon Samuels BBL thing, his commentary these days and that ****ing Marshall batteries ad have sealed it for me. He can **** right off.


likes this
Sad how it's all pretty much just batsmen isn't it? Benaud the only bowler suggested so far.


Well-known member
You're all kidding yourselves if you think Tendulkar shouldn't be on there.

BIggest cricketing icon ever.

Don't be jelly burgey and co.


The Tiger King
Yeah Tendulkar is arguably the biggest icon of the game. Don't see why he can't be on cricket mt Rushmore

Edit: Imran and Miller to adorn mt Rushmore to add glamor :ph34r:

Bradman has to be there