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  • haha, i woke up this morning to find your PM and thought I must have copped a tirade from Viv fans overnight in that thread while I slept and you felt some need to reassure me i wasn't out of line!

    but yeah i'm glad you agree. obviously i don't think he's a myth but his reputation seems just a little too high compared to what he actually produced
    well, as a mod you have to take a certain responsibility for the overall health of the forum. so if good, quiet posters hide more I want to hear about it :)
    Thanks for the kind words. As someone who is relatively new to this site I appreciate your support and encouragement and hope to continue for some time.
    I must admit I was a little confused with some of the comments posted in Off Topic but I try to take it as all being a bit of fun. I definitely prefer the more cricket oriented aspects and that is where the strength of CW lies.
    I thank you again for your kind words and, coming from a member such as you, I value them all the more.
    Hello mate,

    I did indeed play a game at Shoebridge - lovely ground and great afternoon tea haha I'm trying to remember all of the other places I played at - three were in Plymouth as I played for Plymstock CC and we played against Plymouth and Plymouth Civil Services in our division. We also played at Brixham and Bideford. I really liked the ground at the latter too. I'm trying to remember the name of another club we played against that was about 30-40 mins drive from Plymouth - their ground had tiny square boundaries and was on a slope, so if you were fielding at point on the side of the ground below the pitch, the batsman could play a square cut at what would be hip height, and by the time it got to you it was going over your head. The pitch also had an elephant buried in it about a metre from the popping crease at one end. Plymouth Civil Services' ground had a pitch that had a 15-20cm drop at one end right on the popping crease and sloped downhill from the end.
    No probs mate. Hope all is well. I knew it was out of character for you to not to have posted it this long. Hope everything is good from now. :)
    Hey man.. looks like we have more volunteers for the podcast. :) If you are ok, we can do one on the Ashes with Marco and Venkat, I guess?
    Hey Glen, I would be interested in doing some pods too. Tried one with Marco earlier and then there was no interest. Wish You I had reached out to me earlier.. :) If you plan to do some in the future hit me up.
    I am thinking this weekend coz we can then both look back and forward. I hit Marco on Skype, he said he maybe up for it. I think he gave me his podbean access or something to upload the file. Thing is when you record the skype convo, its mp4 and we need to get it to mp3 and Marco was finding it hard to do that, I think. But yeah we can do over this weekend, we will check on Marco and even if he is not there, you and I can do one.
    Good luck mate. :) I have enjoyed watching this series as well and hope you get to watch some really good cricket in the time you are doing the commentary stuff. Too bad I cannot join you but maybe we can do a podcast once you are back from your trip?
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