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Magrat Garlick

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  • Hey, I had absolutely no idea about your gender identity. I am very sorry if I unintentionally caused you any pain.
    Hi there. Apologies for not spotting this sooner, as I only came across visitor messages by accident earlier today. I'm glad's been Ok about this, and obviously I send you my best wishes as life continues to pan out for you.
    Lol yeah, I took UC's advice and refrained from voting during the Daemon lynch and by the time I could actually participate in a lynch it was down to few people and somehow I ended up leading some horrible lynches. I was just wondering why you felt that way. Thx. :)
    Hey MG, had a question on the maf game. In one of the QTs you said that making me a double voter was a bastard mod move on your part. Why?
    Ah, that's cool. I hadn't intended any racism so was a bit taken aback you see. All good.
    I have been thinking of starting this a while now. I am just conflicted on whether which sub-forum is right for it.
    Can you give me a suggestion?

    Thank you Mags :)
    Hi! This seems an appropriate time to thank you again for helping me sort out my visitor messages a while back! I have just emailed across the password, let me know if any issues. And good idea to link the games back the main Mafia thread, thanks for sorting thae toot Looking forward to the game. My Greek mythology is pretty rusty, might need to dust off the copy of the Iliad sat on my bookshelf...
    No nned to apologise at all! Hope you're doing ok :) And congrats on the mod appointment too!
    RE Aus womens U23 tour - NZ cricket almanack is edited by Francis Payne and Ian Smith (not the player) and they may know how to access scoresheets if they are still available.

    Payne appears to be on twitter @FPayne100

    Smith appears to have an email contract in the "scorers" section here: nzcusa.org.nz/content/getting-started/get-involved.aspx (add www). Don't know how old the web page is.
    Good lord, Easy mistake to make though, a word looks like another word, and the sounds of up to 40 men wrestling on a field can sound just like some of my favourite films.

    Thank you Mags!
    Haha you do have a point that C++ file I/O is messy as hell and impossible to remember. I pretty much Google it every single time or dig into some existing code and do a C+P. :) But that kind of stuff is par for the course while programming. There's a lot of stuff I actively try not to memorize. :)
    Indeed. I was still hoping to travel regardless, but it seems I have no alternative now. Hopefully I can re-schedule my travel plans for sometime after this madness is done with :-)
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