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  • I enjoyed your comment on Viv and his lean periods etc. I know everyone else has rightly said that he was far more entertaining than basically anyone else ever and that's why we follow the sport tbf, but (not just with Viv) I reckon people let that become a factor even when trying to make purely objective assessments as well as having a tendency to remember the peaks and overlook the lows of most careers, unless the low points were at high-profile moments.
    you should play Stumped. I'm trying to get a low of CWers playing it. It's fun.
    hey mate and thanks for voting in the tv thread - heads up, i changed it to 15 not 10 because ten was a bit limiting so you can add more if you want
    Yeah, I too play with it as much for the fun and learning part as for the money making part :) Been a risk-taking guy since childhood.

    Yes, a lot of stimulus being distributed across countries which is good for those who need it. Even here in Japan, there are talks of JPY 100,000 to be distributed to each person in the country. For those who will have it as disposable income across all these countries, I am confident quite a few will invest some of that money in crypto. Many of my friends are already planning to.

    The main risk is who they call Bitcoin whales who buy and sell a lot to determine the price at some stage. I am hoping that in future, some fundamentals kick in to Bitcoin pricing and gets this risk removed.
    Ha ha no. We can't sell now and buy later at half price.The halving has more to do with mining than the pricing. The miners will now receive half of what they got before from a Bitcoin block. So the rate of generating new bitcoins will reduce. It has typically resulted in increase post halving since supply reduces while demand remains the same.

    On support and resistance levels, it is quite similar to stock markets. It is mainly based on historical price behavior. The price accumulates for a long time at a price point which will then act as support or resistance. Many people will keep their stop-limit orders at those points and hence, those points become difficult to break. Such type of price points below current price will be support and above current price will be resistance. Hope this clarifies. While it is not fool-proof, it acts quite well.
    Believe you had the right thought in withdrawing at the start of the collapse. I too did that which saved me from losing some bucks and bought back again at JPY 500,000 (~$4,600). To me, this is the best part of crypto. We can quickly withdraw everything when it starts going down and then invest again on click of a button in the app. Support and resistance levels help too. And I have strong confidence that it will not go anywhere below 3500 USD since there are a lot of whales and sharks out there. The only way is up from here or just remain as it is right now.
    I totally agree with you that there are so many contracting viewpoints out there :) Nothing is for sure in crypto and yes, it is one of the riskiest assets, if not the most. But BTC is quite stable. Once Trump sends the financial stimulas across, I am hoping that it will rise more. And there is also the BTC halving scheduled in a couple of months. Every crypto halving so far has resulted in increase in value. So, I am hoping on that too.

    On Ripple, I have almost given up hope now. Once the CEO resigned, it has totally crashed and there is no signs of it going up in future too much. So, if you are starting in crypto, my suggestion will be not to have anything in altcoins for now and just go for bitcoin investment. Have no idea on Link since it is not available in Japan. But yes, all altcoins are quite risky now. No idea on where it will go. Factom has given me a similar profit like you have mentioned below for Link. :)
    Hi mate, contextually it may not be much. I have 1.3 bitcoins and USD 10,000 worth alt-coins which include Ripple, Nem, Litecoin and Factom. So far, Ripple investment has been a big loser for me while I have gone positive on all the others including bitcoin. So overall, it has been slightly more than break-even so far after 2 years of investment.

    Hoping that sometime in future, it will rise. But I trade actively using the 1.3 bitcoins following all support and resistance levels which has so far gone quite true to the charts. So, the btc holding is quite fluid for me while alt coins are long term.

    How about yours?
    Hey mate looking for a couple of extra entrants to get the wheels spinning for the new sim league. Fancy giving it another pop?
    Mate you can probably write to the RMS and see if they'll cut you some slack, but they probably won't because they're ****s.

    You may want to elect to have it heard in court, where the judge might cut you some slack. If I were you, I'd write to the RMS first and see what their response is. They'll reply to you and probably say no, but you can take it to court and throw yourself on the mercy of the beak. Very similar thing happened to me on the October long weekend last year. Pain in the arse.

    I'd draft a letter to the RMS, then shoot it through to me and i'll read through it for you. Let me know when you've drafted one, and I'll send you my email via VM for you to forward it. If push comes to shove and you have to go to court, I'll see what I can do to help you out.
    Hey mate, hot about running a 2 country draft for ODIs after the current det of drafts are over? Your test version was a very good one .
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