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  • Really don't have much of an idea myself, all I really know about that stuff is from the experiences of friends and family. I'm generally not great with advice.
    It wouldn't be easy, my cousin had a baby girl about a year ago, and she didn't have the best time of it during her pregnancy. It certainly is common to have somewhat of a short fuse in those circumstances, don't begrudge you at all for that
    Yeah fair enough, sometimes a break is for the best, step back and think about life. Hope things can start to turn around and improve for you.
    So yeah it is a touch disappointing that you are leaving, but ultimately each to their own. We all deal with pain in our own ways, I have had some problems going on in my own life, but prefer to mostly keep that stuff to myself personally. Congratulations btw on your pregnancy, all the very best of luck on bringing new life on to the planet.

    Kind regards, GoodAreasShane
    Look if you're going to wheedle me about every moderation decision we make then I think this conversation has run its course.

    On the second part: people are entitled to have conversations on their own terms, not necessarily yours.
    Also, like PEWS told you, easy on the report spam. It's genuinely annoying to be inundated with emails about the same post.
    I'm not sure where you've got the idea that we're in the business of strictly enforcing the thread title as the only thing people can discuss. This forum generally works by letting conversations flow naturally and organically. People are always welcome to bring it back to the topic themselves just by posting about it, but it's not our way to be heavy-handed about being only on-topic posts allowed unless the thread is leading to places which are unconstructive and unpleasant.
    I've removed the image from your Crazy/Hot post. The image would be fine if not for the mention of 'Tranny' in the image. You're free to re-upload it with that word edited out.
    Well, from my perspective (and I would suspect most 3rd party perspectives), the conversations about girlfriends sprang organically from a discussion on why posters are reluctant to put up their pictures on the thread which is very much related to the thread. It's not ganging up so much as people just talking to each other.

    You will have to sooner or later get used to the fact that starting a thread doesn't mean you get to steer the direction of the discussion and banter in the thread.

    Candygirl wasn't interested in posting here, from what I know.
    Hey Cas, posters are allowed to go off-topic in that manner in a thread. You can keep reporting those posts if you want, but I just wanted to let you know nothing's gonna come off it.
    We really aren't interested in what went on over at PC. I strongly suggest the two of you try to put that behind you.
    You are indeed reporting everything, including stuff that doesn't have anything to do with you, which is way beyond what I said you should do and not at all helpful. If someone is actually trolling you then by all means report it. But people criticising your posting is not trolling, and constantly making accusations about random members about how awful they all are towards you for merely commenting on your posts is neither helpful nor conducive to a positive forum atmosphere.

    If you want to post positively and contribute, then by all means do so. But it is neither reasonable nor acceptable to simply ask everyone else on the forum to ignore your posts if they don't like them, and nor is it at all acceptable to constantly make cracks at gay people.
    It's targeted, take my word for it I asked her in message to have a chat but they aren't interested I just don't understand why they don't just put me on ignore... Scarlett trolled me relentlessly on planet cricket and now it looks as if the same is happening here just don't seem to get any piece.

    Caroline x
    Hey Cas!

    Regarding your last report, we have a sort of unspoken "play the post, not the poster" rule. Which means people can say you've made a **** post if they think so.

    If we think they're deliberately attacking you for being you we'll give them infractions (which can lead to bans), but as above people are allowed to call out individual posts as long as we don't think it's targeted, and the post you reported doesn't violate any rules.
    Very simple: "please stop" means exactly that, and applies to everyone involved in the argument. Keeps threads sane.
    Please if you are a lesbian or just a nasty aggressive troll then please just go away... Get a life and maybe you can have some fun... ? Go figure!!! x
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