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  • I soooooo want to say something, but will keep shtumm..........you are giving him stick, I love the snowflake remark
    Yeah could do, as long as it's not full of pics of do you remember this carry on film?, my God.................also I am not trying to get into your pants haha, are you trying to lull me into asking for a nude pic of yourself?.....not gonna happen! HAHAHA
    yes agreed shall we go on those site craig said just posted a pic of my self in user pics x

    I can't talk to craig anymore as he is an idiot.
    Yeah I can do............hmm this site, to quote Tuco, "when one bastard goes out another bastard comes in", you probably can make friends here Caroline, but it will be a fight as those trolls will keep digging at you, whatever you post.
    Craig is an idiot... I can't tolerate him anymore evidence is plan as day and he just refuses even sent him the link can you send him what jen sent you on planet cricket.
    I don't like him, he says trundler is a quality new poster and yet when you said you were a devoted christian, trundler guy said, something about being more obnoxious.............quality poster my arse.
    HAHAHAHA you did it!, nobody but me would get that one?.............I'll leave it for quite awhile then put the 3 witches guess up :)
    That Shri and Sledger are boiling my piss, and that Phlegm guy too......you're right this off topic area is a trolls paradise, oh I have seen the visitor messages on Craigs, hope to God it's not still public!
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