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Prince EWS

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  • I appealed to mods a couple of times to modify the thread title of "[Not so] Huge statistical analysis on greatest ODI batsman ranked" to indicate that it contains analysis of bowlers too. Could you please oblige? :)

    Oh and also, why haven't you taken interest in that thread yet?
    Personally think five is a bit heavy for a community service like that. Will cop three happily enough. Kindly reconsider.
    Hey mate, could you move my NRL draft thread to the general sports forum?

    Also would you like to join?
    I see why you would think it was a bait but it was entirely a serious point from my side. Really do think given the eyeballs IPL can get across the world, almost all cricket admins across the world are gonna try to make it happen. And I had no intention of it being any kind of response to whatever TJB posted. Anyways, your reservations are considered. :)
    There are a couple people managing two sides since we couldn't get all of the slots filled. So if you post in the thread saying you're in I'm sure we can find a team for you. It's not too late.
    Hey mate, fancy managing Zimbabwe in the new sim league? I figure you'd be the man for the job.
    No sweat mate. Feel free to join if you still like. There is going to be a draft beforehand, so if you want you can PM me your preferences just before you head off to Perth & I'll pick on your behalf.
    Hey mate looking for a couple of extra entrants to get the wheels spinning for the new sim league. Fancy giving it pop? Might be a nice change of pace for you since you've been working hard on CWPL as of late.
    Well you're far too gracious but that's why you're in charge and we're not. Certainly if it drove you away for a day, that's like losing 10 Shris for a year.

    I know you don't need to be told, but despite the furore of the Ban Announcements thread I'm sure that you know that we all know that there is only one man capable of bringing order to this burning cinder block of a forum, and we're all glad it is PEWS that's the glue that binds us.
    In all seriousness PEWS, I regret if my incessant badgering and filth in Cricket Chat was displeasing, incredibly irritating or far too unwarranted to the point that it might have appeared personal or far too much of a hyperextension of the volatile mucus that has bound this community together like disgusting toads.

    If I do it again please spank me, but I really don't want to because it felt sickening each and every time.

    Danke Obergruppenfuhrer.
    Just out of curiosity, is there anything in particular about the picture I posted earlier that earned me the warning? Was just supposed to be me framing their arguments in a silly way, far from a personal attack imo.
    Sorry need to sleep!. If I need to leave a pick with you should I just leave it here or is there a better way through cricsim?
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