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  • So I share with the forum something that upsets me, and you choose to target me with it?

    bullying. Plain and saimple.

    ps hahaha you lost in mafia, you suck
    Hi Daemon, please send me an email and we can troubleshoot off the forum if you don't mind?
    Thanks for kind words Daemon. I am not put off. Most of their logic on our actions is wrong. They are not discerning the difference between tossing around ideas and actually believing them. HB and I were on song most of the game. We never lost sight of Teja and GIMH. The only ones, it seems.
    Absolutely great game Daemon.
    And just to reitrate as its sledger, I am not actually mad at him or anything. He is obviously free to play the game as he sees fit, but if he had trusted us, we could have won the game. That is all. :)
    Don't worry.. I don't mind being called out for bad play, happened last game too and if it is not at an individual level, I am fine. Just hate sledger for his play as he could have won us the game had he gone with us. :)
    hey mate and thanks for voting in the tv thread - heads up, i changed it to 15 not 10 because ten was a bit limiting so you can add more if you want
    Banging tune that.

    I politely request you enjoy the album Everything you've come to expect at your earliest convenience. Suspect you'll enjoy it.

    Sledger recommended you any albums lately? Just wondering...
    Also I went down a CW rabbit hole tonight and discovered I sent you izzy stradlin song recommendations in 2011. Wafg you are
    Hi Daemon, thanks for the message. I'll have a chat to sledger and see what the general reaction is.
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