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Recent content by Daemon

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    Can we have them? Pros - Mafia - Exchanging contact details - some of us may be uncomfortable to reveal contact details in the public forum. Even if you delete posts, mods can see them. - More convenient channel to complain about infractions to mods Cons - More convenient channel to complain...
  2. D

    Corporate Mafia - Game Thread

    All, As most of you are aware, CW Corporation Limited has suffered greatly thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. Betway revenue is down 0.08% and quality per post has plummeted even as everyone tries their hardest to work from home. While the government has stepped in with wage support, it is...
  3. D

    Help Daemon get tipsy

    So my new team is having drinks on zoom this friday. The MD is getting cocktails from this place delivered to everyone. Please vote on what I should get. https://www.thesecretmermaid.com/cocktails-on-delivery I'm gonna have to somehow sneak it past the parents though. Will be tough.
  4. D

    i've got a cracking meme just gimme a sec

  5. D

    Top 10 sexy posters

    1. Fertang - dunno what he looks like, but he's sexy 2. Sledger - know what he looks like, is sexy 3. Howe - sexy voice 4. SilentStriker - rifle carrying doctor who clearly knows his way around food. sexy. 5. Brumby - has a way with words 6. Top Cat - plays muisc. sexy. 7. GotSpin - good...
  6. D

    Should sledger send us all some home made videos?

    Yes imo
  7. D

    What is your most embarrassing vomit story?

    Reminds me of when I got stupid drunk during a work trip to Melbourne. Went to the toilet to puke, saw a couple of logs floating and instinctively turned my head away, in the process spewing all over the cubicle and my shorts. The whole scene and mix of turd + vomit smells made me gag even...
  8. D

    I can't wait

    For sledger and GIMH to wake up and start posting in OT again
  9. D

    Personal Finance Thread

    Bit of background on my own finances I've been working for slightly under 2 years and save quite a lot of my income as I'm still staying with my parents #justasianthings My assets are approximately 75% cash 10% ETFs with predominantly Asian exposure 10% REITs (weldone will hate this) 5%...
  10. D

    *Official* England in New Zealand 2019

    Hahah that wonky line costing Burns
  11. D

    GALP System - For CW, by CW

    Dear CW, Due to the recent surge in discussion surrounding moderators, forum rules and the existing infraction system, the Lord Protector (GIMH) and myself have taken it upon ourselves to quit complaining and initiate action instead. There will be a new, independent infraction system known...
  12. D

    Last Man Standing

    Bit late but plenty of juicy matches left. Answers in before the toss. 1) Will Afghanistan get bowled out? 2) Will Babar Azam make more than 40.5?
  13. D

    WC quicks

    There's been some really good fast bowling at good pace across the board in the first few games. Russell came out of nowhere to bowl 145, Hassan was the best quick on show the other day against Australia, Archer taking SA apart, etc etc. Just thought it'd be fun to predict how the quicks will...
  14. D

    Sri Lanka blasts

    https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/asia/sri-lanka-blasts-churches-hotels-easter-mass-80-11464816 https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-48001720 estimated 25 dead, 100+ injured. churches and hotels have been hit it's ****ing easter sunday.