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  • Hi. Glad to hear you’re off to the cricket but really we shall be taking you lot to the cleaners so don’t get so up yourself.. I am sorry to hear your lass is poorly and hope they find out a good solution to it so she feels well again.. for some strange reason you both like it here so I hope your work gets its act together and you can share the political misery that is ours ... ;-)
    No worries mate. Let me know if you're around, be good to catch up. I know how hard it is to organise one of these things on short notice. All the best with it.
    Hey mate, are you back in Sydney? If you are, let's catch up and have an ale or two.
    Sup mate, I was contemplating starting an International modern Rugby draft (players playing Test rugby post the year 2000), but wasn't sure if I could drum up enough Rugby fans on this site. Let me know if you're keen and if I get enough interest, I'll look to start it once this current 6 nations draft is complete. Cheers.
    Because he's a stalking ****wit who is getting annoyed that I refuse to respond to his posts or VM.
    Hahahaha amazing. You just loved having Joe root there really didn't you
    Haha forgot about that

    will have a think over the course of the match. Won't be too harsh
    Yeah he's a decent bat. Has a Test 100 that he got batting at six

    You lot going steady here. Hopefully we are saving our flurry of wickets for when i get home.
    Where you working? I've moved offices with my company and no screens here. Meant to bring my iPad in.

    We have an avatar bet don't we, on the series?

    Pretty even to me. If it's overcast today though, fancy us to nip a few early.
    Sounds great, Kirsty did say she's cool with it. Tell her to drop me a line on corey.taylorATflineers.edu.au we'll tee it up. And yeah let me know when you're in the area, I'll be Germany but will be looking to head to Scotland at some point to visit rele's so reckon it'll come together nicely. If you go west, could even tee up a meet with Corryn as I've been meaning to do for some time...
    I'm happy to help out with the social stuff too. Friend of mine works at the uni, live in the Hills, is a lovely chick and has tons of of friends. One of those social types.
    Avoid : more than 20 minutes north of the CBD (Salisbury and beyond) more than 30 minutes south (Marion and beyond). Full of scummy types, public housing and booked to get worse in the next few years. East or west all the way and she should be sweet.

    That said, if she's looking for a recommendation,. I live about 10 mins from Findon in Hendon, lots of cheap rents (complete bungalows like ours) for <350/week, quiet area, 20 mins from CBD, 10 mins from the beach and 15 mins from funky areas like Henley, grange and Glenelg. They're close but you're away from them enough because they get really ****ing busy. Under-rated area, one of those which used to be scummy but is has been pulling itself up and people haven't caught on yet so still cheap.
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