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TT Boy
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  • Ah sorry mate, completely forgot you'd responded to this! Still waiting to hear back from this place in Changsha, but will let you know how it goes (though it's been a while so not looking great!). What is it that you do there?
    Hey mate, I seem to remember you saying sometime in the past that you were living in Hunan province; I've got a good job opportunity in Changsha, just wondering if you've had any experience living there and what you'd say about it. Cheers!
    Surely you can have amnesty on your avatar bet now. It's been like six years.
    Quite possibly actually, will have to pay a visit to the careers service whilst I'm still enrolled. Will let you know how I get on.
    Try and stay away from companies that do the internships unless you want to pay 2 grand for the privilege of working for free and only for a couple of months. Can't your Uni sort you out with something or give you some contacts? Mine was done through my University.
    Yeah, am thinking that may be a good bet. Seem to be some decent websites out there that sort internships etc...

    Sadly I don't really speak any other European Languages, did French and German GCSE but that's about it. Did Japanese as part of my undergrad degree, but only to an intermediate level. Plenty of other people out there who can speak them all better than I can in any event haha.
    Alright lad, occurred to me the other day that we spoke a while ago about me studying at King's in London etc... Am pleased to say that I managed to get distinctions in all my exams, and now just need to hand in my dissertation.

    The reason why I'm getting in touch again is because you mentioned you worked for a global company and spend quite a lot of time abroad etc... I'm not at all sure what career path I want to follow tbh, but getting away from the UK and going elsewhere is something I'd be really interested in, and was just wondering if you would have any advice/input as to how this might be achieved? Would be much appreciated.
    Haha, that's what I'm aiming for tbh. Most likely to end up working in something law related I imagine, that's what my undergrad is in. But tbh I'm not really all that fussed about what I do, just want to end up doing something where I have some expertise which lets me make a valued contribution. Like you say, hope the reputation of the place will take me somewhere.
    Yeah most of the time, I work for a global company so spend sometime here, there and everywhere with clients, back in London from next week for 3 weeks. Wife is Chinese, so prefer to be based out here. King's is a good place to be and I wouldn't worry about what your learning, just play the game, get the distinction and let that and King's name open the doors for you.
    Ah right, fair shout. My course is actually run by the law department as well actually, though I don't seem to ever actually really learn about anything strictly legal. Decent place to be tbh. You're in China at the moment?
    Am doing my master's in Regulation and Technology. Any particular reason for asking? I remember you mentioned a few years ago that you were at Uni in London...I think.
    No worries mate. 8.30 here anyhow, really should take the GF out for dinner.
    Had to edit your post; can't mention that you're watching a stream here after a mini-crackdown on it. Happened to me too though - ****ting me to tears.
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