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  • mafia needs you. have dropped you an email. ask me any questions you have about the game i'm happy to help, as long as it gets you active and posting in it,
    cool. i'll concede that semantic indentation isn't great (especially given the way different operating systems handle tabs, surely in this day and age we should just give a tab a Unicode code point) and i'm yet to see a python codebase that isn't just a spaghetti of hacked together scripts
    in what other language can you write

    f = open('file.txt')
    print('hello wrold', file=f)

    and expect it to work
    Trundler has bailed on my mafia game by the looks of it

    Are you interested in potentially replacing him?
    haha you need to read the mafia thread and see how our games play out

    i've got enough for this game now. Maybe you can just observe this and join in the next one? this won't be a very traditional mafia game anyways. Gonna be a Coronavirus-themed one. gonna try some new ****
    The organisation I work for is still running and I have a somewhat key role. I don't think i'll be leaving unless we call off our operations indefinitely. If we do close up, then I'll be flying back to India asap and hang out there. But I'm worried that if we're closing up that means it's already too late to leave.

    Hard to focus on work right now too. Sigh. Just distracting myself a lot.
    Nowhere interesting. My brother's in Islamabad for uni. Went there for the first time on the bus. Met an internet friend. Tried hash for the first time. Only took a single puff though. Was a getting-out-of-shell experience, ha. Plus my college is in another city so I've exploring it there solo too. If you can crash at a cousin's, that should solve a lot of problems. I mean, just show up. He'll have to take you. We're desis lol
    Traveling solo is the ****, man. You just need to keep yourself entertained through the boring bits. Look, I'm not exactly an authority since I've really only done it once but it can be so rewarding. You start to enjoy your own company more and it can be such a confidence boost. I'm going by the fact that you're essentially an older version of me. Oh and when the loneliness hit, just spam CW. :laugh: It'll be worth it and I expect updates. Didn't want to stink up the mental heath thread but still wanted to reach out so here we are. :)
    Look mate, "better" batting is a bit of an understatement. And that team managed to draw (and probably should have beaten) a SA team which was about 10 times better than this Aus team in every department. To suggest that they'd only draw 1-1 here is ludicrous.

    Dont drink the Richard "only bowlers can win tests" koolaid
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