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  • I take that back - pick somebody from the round you missed:
    C: Batsman, SA, 50s
    E: Batman, NZ, 2000s
    G: Batsman, England, 1900s
    K: Allrounder, New Zealand, 2000s
    M: Wicketkeeper, Pakistan , 2010s
    O: Bowler, England, 1990s
    R: Bowler, England, 1890s
    Have slotted you back into the draft, my apologies mate. It's your choice as to whether I can randomly assign you somebody from the round you missed, or in this round you can pick once in your normal spot and once at the end too?
    Alternate longevity calculation with no credit given for years with 0 Tests posted in the standardised averages thread (as a Google Doc). Would link it here but CW won't let me leave a link in a VM (groan).

    It nerfs Cowie, Headley, Nourse, Martindale, various others, but not to the extent where they aren't near the top of the list. Not bad.
    Philosophically I don't like not counting those years at all but it does seem to give results more in line with what we'd think intuitively.
    I'm going to be travelling a lot in the next couple of weeks too, so I won't have anywhere near enough time for this. Thanks tho
    hey weldone, thanks for asking, I just don't have the patience for playing drafts these days. So I'll pass. Thanks for asking though
    You have to iterate through the html with something like python using packages like lxml. Manual is not practical.
    How do you systematically download from this? For ODIs I copied statsguru results in csv.
    Been busy with other projects lately - will come back to this soon but no ETA sorry.
    To answer your question, no it isn't acceptable and has been taken care of by the mod team.
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