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  • hey mate and thanks for voting in the tv thread - heads up, i changed it to 15 not 10 because ten was a bit limiting so you can add more if you want
    Hey after Dawood our hearts are open is all i'm saying.

    mfinlays @ iinet.net.au
    Please post it in a thread as well as any other poetry you may have developed while in isolation.
    Stats are definitely a good rule of thumb. Since the sim league is a 4-day competition, I guess FC stats would be the best bet.
    Hey mate I don't use stats. I use the player ratings from the Cricket Captain database.
    Great to have you aboard. I can't seem to PM you any url links, but the thread is in Cricket Chat (ICC Emerging nations Trophy).
    Man, that's great. You're in all our thoughts. Sending positive vibes your way.
    Hey mate, realise there's nothing which can be said that helps at this time, but know everyone is thinking of you and the family right now, and hoping for the best. Being in different countries makes this sound odd, but if there's anything at all we can do, let me know, ok? Be kind to yourself, mate.
    Just seen your post as regards your dad. Will be thinking and praying for your family. He will appreciate you all being there more than you know.
    Hey, saw your post in the Made/Ruined Day thread. Stay strong Harsh, thoughts are with you mate.
    Thank you for the message, I appreciate it. I tried to start conversations but it just ended up with someone making an arsehole joke hence the name change. Most people have been welcoming, there have just been a few that have been a bit dickish. CheersZ
    Thanks mate. Just didn't want to make it too easy for the guys who are still picking.
    I will talk to James about granting you access to the mod forum despite not having mod powers/responsibilities if you'd be up for that. I think it'd add a lot to the mod team. I definitely think the most important thing is for you to actually enjoy the forum again though; I'd hate to lose you entirely. So if you think moderating is affecting your ability to do that I think you made a good decision.
    I want to apologise for ot replying to the email you sent to us before you last hiatus. I agonised over how to reply to it for so long that when I eventually decided how I wanted to, it seemed weird and too late.

    Thank you so much for volunteering and serving! I sometimes felt you came in with a couple too many agendas, but I did too (more so tbh) when I came in so I can't blame you too much. You had a rough start but I definitely feel like you were getting much better, and even though I didn't agree with all your decisions (which tbh applies to every mod who actually makes decisions), I definitely always thought you were a good voice in the mod forum and I'll miss you input in those threads. I'd perhaps emplore you to stay on as some sort of moderation consultant, but knowing how VB works I'm not sure James would be on board with such a tricky-to-code role.

    I look forward to talking to you in the forum; I hope the experience doesn't make you grow weary of the forum in general.
    No worries mate, I thank you. Appreciate it. Just saw your message this morning as Ive been posting from my phone over the weekend.

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