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  • Hi Pratters, just letting you know that you've got a couple of selections to make in the old time cricket draft when you're ready. Hope you're well, cheers.
    Very neat. I have some old magazines from the 70s and 80s which have lots of these ads. So lovely.
    I like collecting classic ads (on the internet). That one's from here - http ://imgur.com/a/lYZ34

    Remove the space after the http. For some reason the VM isn't letting me post a URL.
    You should delete Gilchrist then choose again when it's your turn. Hopefully Gilchrist will still be in play! You will also have the double pick as Round 2 is the reverse of Round 1.

    Well rather than going over it and dissecting anymore, best put it behind us and move on.... Though I warn you, if you post any more pics of you in a Barcelona shirt i will not be impressed!!!!
    Pratters, I'll post this here as people dont want this spilling elsewhere, but lets clear the air man :)

    Firstly I wasn't happy with your posting the other night, I did find it very offensive. I felt the way you were posting to CDM was downright horrible, and bordered bullying in my eyes. I tried to make the point nicely, and your response provoked a reaction out of me. At that point I'd stand by what I said, because your response really wound me up.

    Fair play you've manned up and apologised, which isn't easy to do. So i'll do the same.

    I'm sorry for going OTT and getting rather offensive in that post. You had wound me up, though that doesn't justify me retaliating. Until recently your OT posting hasn't concerned me, so I'm wrong to let the last couple of days cloud my judgement.
    You're not a **** pratters, completely out of order ATM but not a complete ****. I'll keep in touch on msn if you're leaving.
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