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  • Hey...wondering if you are really interested in the new ODI draft? Its your turn just in case you haven't noticed the thread.
    Since you are too busy debating with TJB to notice, I thought I will let you know that it's your turn in bid for positions draft :p
    Hey hb, I think some people made a few nasty posts about Town's game in the QTs somewhere but I thought you and VI did pretty well considering the set up wasn't easy and you guys were new. Thanks for participating so actively :)
    It left you with very little information except what you could deduce from reading between the lines in the thread (which takes a lot of practice in forum mafia) and quite a lot of power to go with it. Besides it was a pain to keep up with so it backfired on me as well
    Just can't stand being stuck at home with parents when I don't have a job.
    Hello mate,

    Sorry I didn't reply to your earlier messages. All good here at the moment. I have just sent you an email.
    Yes, that's exactly how I was raised but I am confused if I should raise my kids that way? My elder one is just 8 and he was asked when we were going back to Pakistan by one of his classmates. He came back home and said dad aren't we Indians? Why Pritesh asked me that? I had no answer cause truth would have taken his childhood away from him.
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