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  • Hi James, I've been here a while and as this was the first forum I'd posted to I just went with a fairly lame title "Schearzie". Can I change that at this stage?
    All I could really find out was that it's not currently in development at all, which is obviously not great news. I'll make a post with my thoughts in the mod forum later today.
    Hello James.
    You may not know me, but my name is Frank and I've been a posted here at CW for years. Can I ask: Is it okay to start a thread asking what the best batting performances in a series ever is? I'm sure it's been done before, but I can't find it anywhere.
    Kind Regards.
    4 .ROUND!! 16 greatest movie characters remaining...

    Come and vote for yours favorites..
    It's working fine now. Weird couple of days for no reason apparently :)

    Hey don't mind us and the thread in OT. Just horsing around. You rock.
    The amount of crap I take from people, and I simply state that something isn't a great post and get warning/infractions/banned? Not kind to newcomers.
    So it's been happening for 24 hours now. Tinkered around and found the same was happening with small bits of Facebook and Twitter. Think all of this is linked to PHP somehow not being executed by my Chrome properly. Tried it on Mozilla and everything works fine. Any suggestions?
    Hey James! Thread pages are loading in a peculiar manner for me. Like they do when the internet speed is really low. The main pages and the members pages and profile page are fine. Just the thread pages, across CC, OT etc. Been happening since this morning (IST).
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