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  • James,

    No wonder I never got my custom title. I wasn't sure why you weren't responding to my message regarding custom title I thought I should message spark again. Turns out you made the n00b mistake of posting the reply on your own page :p

    Anyhow, I would like to request the title "The Tiger King"

    Thank you
    Hi James,

    I want to change my username, is that possible? I'm coming from a ban so I want to keep a low profile and hopefully post better, so want a new username to start new
    Hi smalishah, send me a message with what you want your custom title to be and I can change it :)
    Hi James

    Thanks for that. I will email you with the details of which ones via the email you have given me tomorrow. Due to time differences it will be easier then. Please let me know what details you need from me as regards their removal.

    many thanks

    Hi James,

    I would like to delete some pictures from here, is that possible?

    Hey there seems to be something wrong with the way pages are loading on my Chrome.

    Usually it's very smooth. Today, however, a block of empty space (in the regular blue colour) appears before the top post in every page, and then goes away in a bit when the page has finished loading. This doesn't happen on the main pages of CC and OT though.

    Nothing major, just weird, because if I go down and start reading a post before the page has fully loaded, it climbs back up.
    It's an add-on made by DragonByte. It lets you tag a user in a post (so for example if I posted @James in a post, you'd get a notification telling you) and also lets you put in hashtags (so if someone tags a post with #rekt, it makes it into a link and you can click on it to see all other such examples #rekt, or even subscribe to it and get a notification every time someone else says #rekt).

    If you plan on upgrading/changing the forum software I definitely wouldn't bother with it because it's a bit of messy product I think (and also not free) but if you're happy enough with vB4 for a while I do think it's something that would be popular here.
    Hello James,

    I've decided to leave cricketweb. I'm unable to delete my account, could you do the following?

    Hi James,

    Just saw your post this morning in the Hughes thread. I'm off to the UK a week today so can post the flag back to you before I go..........can you email me the delivery address?

    Reckon sending the flag and the money to his junior club is the best idea and reckon they'll really appreciate both.

    Cheers mate.
    Hey, could you delete a post of mine from the OT thread "Poetry and Self Expression" Page 3 Post No. 3461229
    Thanks :)
    Hi James,

    Yeah agree with going with the community decision. I'll post in the thread and see what response we get.

    Cheers mate.
    Hey James,

    Just thought I'd touch base with you again re the Hughes banner. No response from anyone for taking it to some Ashes tests later in the year and it does seem that most think this should be put to bed now. Personally I don't necessarily agree and still think it is an appropriate and fitting tribute, but if that is what the majority are thinking then I guess it is time to finish it up.

    What's your thoughts?
    Logged in on the Chrome browser. Works perfectly. So its just IE then, as per ususal :P
    Hey James. Hope you're good. I just thought of updating you on something. I recently bought a Windows smartphone, and its Internet Explorer browser seems unable to log me in to CW. Goes haywire after the login redirect page. Thought you should know if this is happening with all Windows phones :)
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