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  • Please ensure the moderators do not to continue to allow me to be insulted with consequence. I have been insulted and baited numerous times in my time here and it appears nothing is going to ever be done to stop this happening. It seems the rules against insults and baiting might as well not exist. I have reported a quite a few posts and harsh has been requesting posts be reported but why should I bother if nothing is going to be done
    A couple of domestic breaks, but also got trips to Porto santo (island in the Atlantic) and a short cruise taking in Belgium just before Xmas. Breaks the year nicely.

    Brazil would be awesome / just the food alone would make it worth it. You should defo go for it.
    Same really mate, ridiculously busy with work but can’t complain. Got a few good holidays to look forwards to and the footy is going well so all good! What you thinking for the 40th?
    Hi James, could I have ‘Norwood’s on Fire’ as my custom title please?
    That's a loose interpretation. I'd agree with you if I hadn't provided the link to the original source. As an ex-journo, our policy with sports teams/clubs etc using our content was that we were generally satisfied if they linked back to the original story even if they copied and pasted & I'd say you'll be hard pressed to find many copyright cases in Aus or NZ based on someone sharing the article and the link to the source.

    I just find your edit unnecessarily over the top. At least leave a couple of paragraphs so there's some context to the thread.
    Is it possible to delete my account or old threads/posts? If no, would you be able do so on request?
    Dear James,

    Eat a bag of dicks



    P.S. Eat a bag of **** too.
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