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  • Your best bet would be to send an email to moderators@ cricketweb.net; James should be able to sort something out for you.
    This isn't something we do unless there are very special circumstances, because it messes with the way old threads are displayed. If you have a special reason then contact James with it. If your reason is "I have no self control and don't want to be tempted into logging on again" or "I'm having a bit of a strop and want to make a grand exit", don't bother.
    Yes I agree though, I like Maxwell but hate Ab. But I can't deny the fact that A.B. and my cousin hav motivated me to cricket more than anyone else
    Hey mate, not sure what we are going to do now........if you haven;t seen the news he just died. Too upset to even think about anything right now. Keep an eye on the thread and we'll see whats happening.
    That would be most dishonorable, there'd be no one left to defend him if I did! Not much has been happening here lately though, good to see you back mate
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    Hey mate, what is the email address if I wanna drop an email to the mods? I sent something reg. a recent issue but I am not sure if it is to the right address..
    He is claimed to be superior because his record is vastly superior as it stands.

    The problem with targeting Bradman alone is that he didn't play in a vacuum. If you want to fairly and objectively analyse inter-era comparisons you have to look at all players, that means the Hobbs, Huttons, Trumpers, McCabes etc etc.

    The thing is, people posting stories about Bradman weren't just random anecdotes, they were telling you about how cricket was played in those days. Just as today, a scorecard doesn't necessarily tell you if a batsmen faced a top quality attack on a greentop, or a square turner, these stories are an integral part of telling you about how cricket was actually played. It's the only way we can compensate for having not watched Bradman (afaik only one person here has).
    Because, as I said, there was zero probability of an sensible discussion occuring.

    In addition, is it Bradman you're talking about or all batsmen of his era generally? What about Hobbs, Hutton, Sutcliffe, Trumper et al, who are regarded as batsmen of the highest quality? You didn't talk about them nearly as much as you did Bradman, which led people to believe that you had an ulterior motive in creating a thread ostensibly about whether you can fairly compare between modern and past players when it looks very much like a Bradman thread.

    Now, this business about "forcing the whole world to believe the myth" thing is exactly why people are not willing to respond positively. If you want them to be open minded, you have to be open minded in return. Especially when the weight of statistical evidence would appear to be against you.
    Hey mate.

    Adamc is a poster on this site who very much shares your view point re: Bradman.

    Drop him a Visitor Message and ask him about it. He's collecting some stats and he's thinking of making a thread. Let him know you're with him, because he's not sure if he should post it.

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