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  • Any forum actions really mate, creating threads, posts, etc. Have you see anything odd since you've been back?
    Hey, you're on the new server ! Would you mind doing some testing please mate?
    No I don't know about that ****. I shared my experiences in my place and implied that people are all the same so they probably are cheating.

    Also I am sick of you baiting me all the time so **** off with that, yeah? We don't know each other that well and I like boundaries.

    And I am a left wing socialist who doesn't punch down so now that you know, shut up about it.
    I'll be honest and admit I didn't join the dots at first. Not that it should matter either way really. Anyway, been troubling me for a couple of days so wanted to get that off my chest
    Hey - I just wanted to apologise if it came across that I was condoning stereotyping etc RE the infraction you gave Neptune. Wasn't what I was trying to do but on reflection it may have come across that way. Despite my constant demands for your resignation, which will remain ofc, you know I hope that I bear no such malice or views and was more seeing it as a bad post made in good faith (not the best phrase, but you know) rather than saying there was absolutely nothing wrong with it. Anyway. There you go.

    PS resign immediately.
    Urdu is so strongly tied with Farsi that I would think I can pick it up to a competent degree in a couple of years, assuming I give it the proper focus.

    You've said that you did an interview on CW before but I think I missed that thread entirely during one of my absences, so I am not familiar with your background. Is Vietnamese something you learned as a kid?
    Amazing that the guy makes a million off such terrible and probably willfully Islamophobic work and no one really vocally **** on him that I know of for years and years. I recall reading nothing but praise for the translation when I bought the book about a decade ago.

    On a positive note, this is reigniting my desire to learn Farsi.
    I just saw the Persian Poetics thread you retweeted. Fastest follow ever. I actually have the essential Rumi and this thread was incredibly frustrating to read.
    Is the word ‘twattt’ really worthy of an infraction? Lazy lazy lazy moderation imo. Poor form. I hope you’re ashamed.
    hey Spark. Interested in jumping into the COVIM-20 mafia game? We've got a couple of people dropping out, would be great if you could step in as a replacement
    Thanks, I didn't know any AK. But Blaze_18 was a high quality poster in my early days. I remember myself and others being shocked when he was perma'd
    Spark, a long time ago a great poster blaze_18 was permanent banned for being a multi. The mods never revealed whose multi it was. Do you recall whose multi it was? It's been a long time. I was always curious but never got the answer.
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