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  • hey mate and thanks for voting in the tv thread - heads up, i changed it to 15 not 10 because ten was a bit limiting so you can add more if you want
    Hey, that's due to the arcade and I don't really have a way of removing without removing for everyone sorry. We are in the middle of preparing for an upgrade that should go live within the next couple of months so it will be removed then :)

    Sorry for bother you,but can you please decide this three matches
    Ash Williams 3-3 Roger O.Thornhill
    Agent Smith 3-3 Neo
    John Doe 4-4 Marge Gunderson

    This is from greatest movie characters tournament, we need just one more vote to move in 2nd round. You just make post with your votes
    Topic is on off topic podforum
    Cyclones, considered one of the better teams when it comes to "quality of human beings". GIMH, GF and Hurricane are also there from CW.
    CricSim is quite a lot better these days (I mean, I've joined ffs) or at least that's what I've heard. Really there are certain areas you just have to take everything with a pinch of salt and not worry about, or just avoided them totally like a lot of the CW crew do. We've (CW) actually got our own subbie over there, which is almost worth being a CricSim member for alone. Our roster is currently full (we're a rugby team) but gaps will always open up in the future when people lose activity/interest. I certainly wouldn't give up on the place because of a few **** storms two years ago, anyway. Half the members there are involved in that stuff daily. I mean how bad could it have been? :p
    I want to tell you about a game i play called E-Sim. It's a free to play browser based strategy game. It is web text based game that can be played on, every pc, smartphone etc.
    Be a bussinessman, become Party Leader, Congressman, President or Militia Leader, be Journalist, be a rebel

    India is occupied by Iran and we need new players to help fight off the invaders and defend our home land. Together we can hold of the Iran waves of assault. Iran has insulted our

    traditions.Time to demand them to pay back their faults

    Newbies Guide: Tutorial for new players

    our channel: - If you need help, join to US chat channel.
    India channel
    add the nick you want and click "go"

    contact us

    vivek, soumo1989, Kate2,siddesh,

    Join this game :

    Help India! Jay Hind! xx
    Yeah I know mate. Given some of the things that do get infracted it grates to see that **** left up.
    Racists & homophobes are just posting their opinions too and we don't tolerate them. SHouldn't be an excuse. A dark day for the site in many ways. But you are right, we should move on.
    Hey mate, just ftr still haven't received your answers for the Black Sheep.
    Naw. He said that, after Clarke had the worst series of his life too. It stays.
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