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  • Hey mate, sorry didn't see your message until just now. Really haven't had the chance to see much of this test at all.
    Kick the other one and next time, use a ****ing direct message before you get pissy and power trip
    Hey, mind if I share your podcast with Zorax on the frontpage? Would you mind allowing playing outside of YouTube?
    oh sweet as, swing us the link and i'll join on so when the time comes we can get it going smoothly
    hey mate i hope you’ve been keeping well during quarantine, always good to see you popping in and out of the forum

    when things get back to normal and cricket starts to come back would you be keen on firing up comms again do you reckon?
    Hey man, I'm about to start up a new mafia game a) if you want to join and b) I need the pw to the email and how to set up the QTs and what not
    We’re up in CPL draft. Have messaged you some thoughts on Discord, but entirely your call on how you want to go.
    I have no idea how to play and I'll barely be online the next few days. I'll mark out from my seat in the stands instead.
    Hey, would be happy to partner with you on CPL if you were keen - though I completely get it if my, uhh, unique recruitment strategies in the CW version put you off that idea.
    Sorry, when I read your message I assumed you meant Mafia the video game, didn't twig that you meant the forum game until just now. As for the Pokerap, I hope there's an updated version coming, what with Sword and Shield just around the corner!
    I am, yeah, cheers for asking. Was taking care of my grandfather over the course of the past couple of weeks. Hope you're enjoying the world cup. Japan have been amazing so far, really hope they can reach the QFs.
    Hey Howe, really sorry for screwing up your RWC comp brother. Went through some personal issues recently & decided unwillingly just to take a break from my regular online activities.

    Hope you're doing well mate.
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