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Recent content by Neil Pickup

  1. Neil Pickup

    *Official* India Tour of Australia 2018/19

    Contrast the horror show of a position from Pant against the spinner with this from Ben Foakes in Sri Lanka. I’m amazed Gilchrist isn’t making more of it on comms.
  2. Neil Pickup

    At last - a British World Champion!

    BBC News - World Scrabble Championship won by Craig Beevers A British man has won the final of the World Scrabble Championship in London. Craig Beevers, 33, from Guisborough, Middlesbrough, beat Chris Lipe, 34, from Clinton, New York, three games to one in the final at the Excel Centre. He...
  3. Neil Pickup

    John Hastings = Chris Hinton?

    I'll let you decide.
  4. Neil Pickup

    World Record Cricket Net

    World Record Cricket Net - The Kia Oval - 15-16 July 2013 This bloke's batting for 26 hours. Mental. I think I'm about to lose all grip on my sanity by driving down to London and sending down a couple of hours of filth to do my bit... Rather confirms to me that my brain is fed up of sitting...
  5. Neil Pickup

    That Grant Elliott run-out (and other stories)

    For those of you with short memories We had a similar (ish) incident yesterday in a County friendly match - Oxfordshire U10 v Oxfordshire U11 - where the two batsmen ran into one another, hard, mid pitch, with the result that a run-out was inevitable. As coach on the sidelines, I stood up and...
  6. Neil Pickup

    Consecutive Maidens

    I noticed Nathan Lyon finished with 11 maidens off the reel in Adelaide tonight, and wondered how that stacked up in the all-time pantheon (headed, of course, by number one dullard Bapu Nadkarni in his miserly effort of 32-27-5-0). Google gives me this: "Nadkarni returned the astonishing...
  7. Neil Pickup

    Feature - Playing for Keeps

    Cricket Web - Features: Playing for Keeps Seven years on from an earlier article on the state of wicketkeeping in the world game, Neil Pickup returns to the question of glovework, and wonders what the future holds for a position that never seems to be far from a talking point.
  8. Neil Pickup

    Shadows of Cape Town

    First Test of the 2009 Ashes - having competed on occasion, but on balance been outplayed in the ODI series, we headed to Lord's. We ground out a score on both occasions, after the Australians rather gave their wickets away in the first dig, and after a quick lower order slog we had one over...
  9. Neil Pickup

    It's amazing how writing a book helps your batting...

    Or so Ed Smith would have it, anyway. Steve Waugh told me that writing a diary coincided with his best seasons. Peter Roebuck produced his best season (1702 runs with seven hundreds) in the year he wrote It Never Rains. Mark Wagh was one of only five Englishmen to score 1000 runs in the first...
  10. Neil Pickup

    "Inzy and Shoaib" - Exam Question

    I was busy preparing some work this week, when I stumbled across this gem of a question from Winchester College's 2008 Entrance paper. Winchester is one of the UK's most prestigious (and academically exacting) boarding schools with a strong cricketing pedigree, counting Douglas Jardine, Hubert...
  11. Neil Pickup

    Random Animal Meat

    Right, random thread time. Next weekend it's the cricket club's end-of-season dinner, and whilst I won't be winning anything unless there are awards for either (i) most stumpings or (ii) jug avoidance, there is a choice of some thoroughly random animal meats I've never tried before. So... does...
  12. Neil Pickup

    Worst. Penalties. Ever.

    I have just watched Japan v USA in the Women's WC final, and then Brazil-Paraguay in the Copa America QF. 15 penalties, 6 goals, 5 missing the target entirely. Two questions spring to mind: (i) Has there ever been an evening of worse penalty taking? (ii) Why does this never happen to the team...
  13. Neil Pickup

    Vaughan on Strauss/Dhoni

    BBC Sport - Geoff Miller defends England captain Andrew Strauss "Speaking in the Daily Telegraph, Vaughan added: "Strauss likes to make the game safe before he attacks, but he has created a unit that plays for each other and that is why you feel they can go on and be the number one team in the...
  14. Neil Pickup

    Eight-a-side field settings

    Evening all, It's the national finals of the U11 eight-a-sides tomorrow, and unfortunately we'll be heading to Derbyshire with an understrength team - and whilst we'll be approaching the day with "just enjoy it - and you never know what might happen" as the main gameplan, of course we need to...
  15. Neil Pickup

    Titanium Duck...?

    We had a new occurrence today in an U10 game: a run out without facing a ball (ruby duck) from the first ball of the innings (diamond duck). I know the ruby/diamond terms are different across the world, but I've never come up (or needed to come up) with one for this particular calamity - it...