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Victor Ian

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  • Hey VI, I think some people made a few nasty posts about Town's game in the QTs somewhere but I thought you and hb did pretty well considering the set up wasn't easy and you guys were new. Thanks for participating so actively :)
    you're in for Mafia. Thanks for joining

    plz email me at cricketwebmafia @ gmail. com and I'll fill you in
    Hey man, I didn't mean to imply a lack of intelligence on your part or anything, I have just seem these same flawed arguments trotted out ad nauseum for years. There's a website called yourveganfallacyis dot com which gives simple explanations for the most common objections to veganism - as well as far more indepth writings that you may be able to read online. The concept has been discussed by people from Plutarch to Peter Singer so there is a wide range and thousands of years worth of literature and it's not an idea that falls down to scrutiny.

    I do not know anyone on here from previous sites. I found it and registered by myself. I am also not familiar with the website you're referring to mate, but if you're looking for anyone, probably just ask around.
    4 .ROUND!! 16 greatest movie characters remaining...

    Come and vote for yours favorites..

    I re-opened my movie characters tournament today , so come and vote for your favorites...
    It's 3 Round now, so this is Invite to voting , this time I will finish job..
    thread is on OFF.TOPIC

    See ya..
    Hey Watson. How do you send a message like this - I've looked for private messages before and come up loser.

    I have read Ibn Ishaq thanks to the link you posted once. It is quite an interesting read.

    I hope I don't appear offensive. I know sometimes I tread the line. I very much like your posts, even when I don't agree with them. Without you, the religious board would be very dull indeed. I put posts out there not to prove people wrong, but really to be proven wrong. I don't mind changing opinion for something better.
    Hi Victor. I think you have misunderstood my point about the Quran because I didn't mention its aga at all. I mentioned the age of the Hadith and Ibn Ishaq's biography, but not the Quran. This is because the Quran is almost devoid of its own history, or historigraphy as I called it, and therefore cannot support or verify itself. Its age therefore becomes irrelevant.
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